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Transmog Thursday: Transmog Competitions

With Trial of Style coming up soon I would have thought we would be seeing more You Tube host putting out new transmog videos. But it just doesn’t seem so, like is most everyone just over xmog??

Once upon a time xmog competitions we’re a dime a dozen. I think WoW Factor might’ve been the first, at least it was me.  Most of the popular Warcraft videos makers have either held or judged competitions at one point or another. Now however it seems really hard to even find any current competitions. But for that matter I find it rather hard now to find a good transmog website that’s still updating.

A quick search on YouTube found this xmog competition video uploaded just a couple weeks ago. Rezboable’s uploaded this video of the World Of Warcraft Transmog Show that states it’s a weekly event. I would have included more info on the live show info, where to submit your xmog, ect but his video did not include any links!

Help me compile a current list of links by commenting below to let me know of any CURRENT World of Warcraft transmogrification websites and/or competitions you might know of.

Transmog 2.0 | Legion

There’s a fairly new addon available at curse called Legion Wardrobe and if you haven’t seen it have a look at Asmongold’s & Cyrme’s videos below.

Asmongold – Legion Video – How to get an Early Start on Legion’s New Transmog Wardrobe System.

Cymre – A look at Legion Wardrobe and the new title for transmog. – This addon allows you to see all the pieces you’ve collected before prepatch 7.0 hits live servers.