The Anglers Exalted WooOOooT!

Yep one more to scratch off my list, yah!! I still need a few other reps as you can see my Mage also got the achievement for 45 reputations. Truthfully I have nearly 55 on my Druid but sadly they don’t share so I have some older reps to grind out again.


I have been wanting the Azure Water Strider since first stepping foot into Krasarang and seeing the smaller versions up/down every waterway, they are so awesome looking! Now I can along with any of the other fun items Quartermaster Nat Pagle has for sale like the Anglers Fishing Raft which is really kool!!


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4 Responses to The Anglers Exalted WooOOooT!

  1. Navimie says:

    Grats Starre! And don’t you look spiffy on your mount :)

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