This, That, and the Other

Battle Pet Breed ID,understand em? Nope not really. The gist seems to be some pets are better than others, like duh, ok but some pets are better than others while still the same quality. Really … how confusing!

So rather than even try to sum it up myself I’m just going to point you toward others who seem to have a grip on the idea and what to do about it. Cymre try’s to explain the basic concept of battle breed IDs. Effraeti breaks it down to listing pets she considers BIS or “best in slot” (haha) and she even suggest some add-ons.

Insane in the Membrane, nope not quite. I actually started working on this before the big Nerf. I had already gotten Shen’dralar to exalted and being a touch OCD when it comes to WoW I also took Bloodsail Buccaneers to exalted. My current needed reputations stand as follows:

insane reputation grind

I know several of us bloggers are still working on this achievement so if anyone wants to join me on grinding once or twice a week for 30 minutes –  I would be happy for the company. Currently I’m trying to set aside Sundays about 6:30 – 7:30pm central to meet up in Tanaris or even better, Venture Bay, Grizzly Hills.

Spotify for today; Fleetwood Mac

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