Transmog Thursday: ALL THE THINGS Addon

Do you find yourself completing old content just so that you can get literally everything for your Collections? Say no more! This new addon: ALL THE THINGS will help you with your endeavor by giving you the ability to track your completion for everything.

This  addon tracks Appearances, Illusions, Mounts, Pets, and Toys!

It’s primarily a collections window that shows you what items you still need to collect. It seems to automatically popup (however it does have a minimap button for turning it off/on) and can be moved and resized. It contains every item known in the item database (ItemDB). Since it uses a predefined database, it computes what you’re missing very very quickly.

You can even right click on groups of items, instances, encounters, difficulties, and tier tokens to pop them out into their own standalone windows:

The addon currently lets you track the following things:

And as you can see above it allows many filters to customize exactly what you want it to track for you. There’s even a Discord channel for this addon:

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