Warglaive & Insane Update

Ok call me silly but as this is my first epic weapon it’s exciting to me LOL.

Barla and I have run a few old raids the last few Sundays and today our first epic dropped, here’s my Rogue who was super happy to pose with it. Now off to work on the set I plan to transmog to match the glaives. Here’s to hoping the main hand drops swiftly!


I finally met up with Malkshake for a long over due grind on Steamwheedle Cartel rep. We got super lucky and fell into a fairly large group of grinders out in Tanaris.

steemwheedle cartel As you can see from my last update we made a lot of headway in the two hours we spent beating on pirates. I went from one friendly and three hated/hostile reputations TO two friendly and two revered. I also ended up with several nice greens to flip and seventeen stacks of mageweave cloth.

6 thoughts on “Warglaive & Insane Update”

  1. ARG! Why didn’t you tell me you got one glaive? I’ll add you to the list. It took Dolvange 9 months to get his second. We’ll be happy to add that run to the list. Gratz.

  2. Wow, you’re way ahead of me with their rep! I’m still only about 2/3 through hated with 3 of them and neutral with one.

    It was great to finally meet up for farming 🙂

    1. Really? I’m surprised, I have really been slacking and haven’t done any major grinding lately until there last night. Did you remember to pop the guild banner thingy for the extra rep?

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