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Love Is In The Air, is based on the real world customs of Valentine’s Day, it’s a celebration of love and friendship during which players share gifts and candy and the air is filled with perfume and cologne. This year Love is in the Air runs from February 10th, 2013 to February 23rd, 2013.

Queuing up the event boss Apothecary Hummel is easy, just use the Dungeon Finder or speak to the Steamwheedle Shyster located in Stormwind City by the Trade District Auction House or in Orgrimmar near the path to Grommash Hold. However you will need to be level 89 before you can queue for this encounter. The reward is a Heart-Shaped Box which contains special holiday loot:

The much sought after Big Love Rocket is supposed to have a 3% drop rate but I’ve never ever seen it drop in any group I’ve been in. You can only receive the Heart-Shaped Box once a day but each time the fight is successful the boss will drop one of the following items:


Some of my favorite highlights for this event include the love boats found in Stormwind & Undercity. The lovely dresses are still available in black, red, blue, or purple and of course you must have a [Forever Lovely Rose] OR [Lovely Rose] to accessorize properly. On females it appears tucked behind the ear and on males it’s more romantically carried between the teeth.

Love Is In The Air Lovely Dress

There are the two event related pets which are now both worthy battle pets; Peddlefeet is very effective in pet battles with his love struck + shot through the heart. The Toxic Wasteling when summoned will run around and eat critters up, growing bigger as it does.

The Lovely Charm Bracelets are made by combining 10 x Lovely Charms which are quite easy to farm these days. To collect them pick up the Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit from Kwee Q. and then go on a killing spree. Enemies need to be green or higher difficulty in order to even have a chance to drop a Lovely Charm. Ten Lovely Charms can be combined to create a single Lovely Charm Bracelet which are not soulbound and therefore can be traded. It’s possible to get up to 40 Love Tokens per day from the dailies and the Heart-Shaped Box meaning it will take a minimum of 7 days to get enough tokens for the Swift Lovebird.

If your looking for a guide to Love is in the Air OR Lovely Charm Farming I suggest one of the following:

Love Is In The Air

In 2013, items are now ilvl 480 and the holiday pets are available for pet battles.

In 2012, the event remains unchanged. There is one addition, a new mount is available Swift Lovebird for 270 Love Tokens, ilvl is still 346, and the vanity items still drop of course.

In 2011, a lot of NPCs were moved due to the Cataclysm. The dungeon event is ONLY available now after you complete the investigation quests. The event has been updated for level 85 and now drops ilvl 346.

In 2010, the event changed drastically from what it was in previous years. A lot of the more frustrating bits of it were removed along with the need to talking to innkeepers/guards and was instead replaced with an entirely new event that is much easier to complete and for some, a lot more fun.

Valentine’s Day World of Warcraft
Commercial that aired during the days of WoW The Burning Crusade – 2007

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