Lunar Festival

The Lunar Festival is the celebration of the defeat of the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients and aligned to the real world Chinese New Year. There are fireworks, achievements, and silly clothes to get and a lot of walking to do. The 2013 event starts on January 27th and lasts 2 weeks.


Honoring an elder does reward you 75 reputation with all of your major city factions which is nice and rewards a Coin of Ancestry which is even nicer since it’s used as a currency to purchase festival-related items like tailoring patterns (which my priest could use) for the Festival Dress or Suit or the engineering schematics for launchers and fireworks. Of course defeating the demon Omen never get’s boring — heck just watching mates get one-shotted is a hoot! I already have my [What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been] but there’s some really good guides out there to help you with the Lunar Festival if your still working towards yours:


The Lunar Festival

In 2013, there were few changes, other than the fact you can get the opposite faction’s pets now easily since pets are account wide.

In 2012, we have two new pets, Lantern pets, and a new achievement: Elders of Cataclysm.

In 2011, there are no real major changes to this holiday. Deathwing did change the landscape somewhat, but it should be noted that the Elders have yet to move very far from where they’ve been all along.

Stormwind Park – Lunar Festival Revelers

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