Weapon Enchant Illusions

Did you know you can match your weapon enchant to your transmog? Awesome!!

Source: Wowhead Enchanting Guide

Stuck on the Legendary Quest

I got my last Tome of Chaos on my druid last week but still no ring. That’s because you must also complete the Master vs Commander naval mission and I’ve already failed Boarding the Masters Call once with a 75% actually I think that was the second time I had failed it.

I had read you should try to have one Carrier, one Battleship and one Destroyer with all Panda crew (to maximize the success chance over the Expert Captain) but out of ten ships none of mine have panda crews — yaa that’s my luck! I took a few days to reappear but it’s in process now with a 83% so crossing my fingers.

Getting this ring hasn’t really been as exciting as was the cloaks or weapons but I find myself doing it anyway on various toons.

Otherwise there’s still many achieves I’m working on. I have one more character working towards level 100, my monk. His name is Chankong which is supposed to be Jackie Chans birthname. Since he could benefit from the XP he’s been slowly working on ‘Awfully Big Adventure’ but I seem to have gotten stuck in Twilight Highlands. He’s whittling down ‘The Longest Day’ achieve and in a few more levels  he will be able to go get the last 2 pets for ‘Celestial Family’ as well.

I need to collect 10 more music scrolls for ‘Full Discography’. I need 12 more items for ‘Going to Need a Bigger Bag’. My druid has been working on ‘What a Strange, Interdimensional Trip It’s Been with Pepe and taking S.E.L.F.I.E.S. for ‘Field Photographer’. I’m still grinding away to get exalted with Shat’ari Defense & Emperor Shaohao. And besides achieves I’m slowly working on catching lunkers for Nate, collecting seals from the Argent tournament, and trying to get 8 mounts for ‘Mountacular’.

Today’s achievements scoreboard:


Show Me Your Moves – CHECK!

According to GuildOx THE hardest raid achievement in the game is “Show Me Your Moves” in Mogu’shan Vaults, Pandaria. For the last 2 Sundays I’ve been going into MSV with Nealls group and we’ve worked on getting our moves down just right and finally today we got the achieve!!

Congratulations to the 14th group to successfully complete SMYM!

Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent

My 239th mount, the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent!


Addon Spotlight: Storyline

This addon aims to enhance the readability and immersion when questing in World of Warcraft. It adds a brand new quest frame, with animated models and fancy effects.

If you like to read all quests and are a fan of the World of Warcraft lore, this addon is for you !

What is it, exactly?

Storyline provides a new quest frame, that panel appearing when you get a quest from a NPC. World of Warcraft UI improved over the years but one thing Blizzard never touched is this hideous Quest frame. We wanted to have a quest frame inspired by the garrison frames dynamism.

Storyline frame adds 3D animated models for you and your quest giver. Also it “cuts” the dialogue into multiple parts, playing one after another in an old-school RPG style. Finally it adds more effects and visuals to express objectives and rewards.

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