Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion #2

Continuing on .. I left off at Seeking the Soulstones which I have just finished finding, the last one in Shadowmoon Valley.


If your like me and need a little help finding them check out this vid.

Seeking the Soulstones

Leading to to steps of The Black Temple and Seek the Signal.


Since I haven’t really looked ahead I was just a tad surprised when a solo scenario popped up — guess I should have expected it.

Infiltrating the Black Temple – Stages 1-5

Infiltrating the Black Temple – Stages 6-7

Whew .. it was touch an go there for a bit but atlas I’m on finale stage (8) at the top of The Black Temple where I am to defeat Kanrethad.

We shall see ….


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#WOW30 – Favorite Leveling Zone

Day sixteen of the 30 day challenge; Favorite Leveling Zone?

It may seem is dreary place looking at the photos but it’s the truth Plaguelands was always my favorite zone when leveling.

The Eastern Plaguelands once beautiful and brimming with farms and small villages was heavily devastated after Deathwing and Cataclym and now lies brown, ugly, and sick, the trees corrupted into giant mushrooms and the air polluted with orange mist.

The area is roamed by mutant creatures and soldiers of the Scourge, while members of the Scarlet Crusade fight a constant battle to drive the Scourge out of Stratholme from their Chapel and key base at Tyr’s Hand. Only a small camp maintained by the Argent Dawn remains friendly to all, welcoming adventurers that would lend a strong arm or spell. Located at Light’s Hope Chapel, this staging area serves as a last bastion of Light in a land blanketed in darkness.

Tyr’s Hand

Tyr's Hand

Plaguewood Tower


The Western Plaguelands home to countless undead and the dungeon Scholomance which is (or more like was) my fav dungeon can still be found here. It was once well known for it’s long quest chain leading to the key but sadly those quest are no longer there. I’ve still got Spectral EssenceArgent Dawn Commission. Do you?

The End is Nigh: Pre-Cataclysm Western Plaguelands

Like their eastern counterparts, the Western Plaguelands were once fertile and beautiful but are now gray, blighted and noxious. Undead wander the land and haunt the abandoned towns and farmsteads. The largest Scourge city here is Andorhal, beneath which is an underground complex housing the undead’s School of Necromancy. The Scarlet Crusade strikes against the Scourge from Hearthglen.

Once upon a time there we’re some epic quest chains that we’re started or finished in this zone… Nathanos Blightcaller. GameSpy used to have an in-depth guide to these epic quest chains but sadly ir has been removed. Truly a shame because those quest chains are a part of WoW history and a lot of players today have no idea what they missed … jailbreak; epic!

The Marris Stead

marris stead eastern plaguelands

Outside Scholomance

western plaguelands


western plaguelands
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Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion


My warlock hit ninety only recently but I’ve had this Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion in my bank for a few months now.

This item when combined with a Healthstone becomes The Codex of Xerrath, which begins a challenging solo questline for Warlocks leading you to Outland and eventually into the Black Temple on the trails of the Council of the Black Harvest introduced in the Legacy of the Masters (Part 1). Once completed, you will be rewarded with the spell: The Codex of Xerrath which as mentioned, turns your fire spells, your Metamorphosis and your Felsteed / Dreadsteed mounts green. The Tome is a low drop chance from rare spawns on the Isle of Thunder.

I really would much rather have purple fire but hey if green is in, why not.

So let’s get going, first reading the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion turns the book into The Codex of Xerrath which basically ask you to speak with your demons to determine the origins of the tome. Easy.


Off to Stormwind I go … the “Tale of the Six Masters” is actually an interesting read as well as the follow up Jubeka’s Journal. Intriguing.


To be continued …

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#WOW30 – Class You Want to Level

Day eleven of the 30 day challenge; Class You Want to Level?

Well I want to level a monk – I’ve just not been able to focus on it. Currently I’m almost done leveling a death knight and my warrior is lagging behind a bit but will get there eventually. Recently I finished leveling my warlock who made my nineth level 90.

panda girl

I want a panda monk because those pandas are just so darn CUTE! My goal is to have one of every class at level moving into the next expansion.

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#WOW30 – Favorite Class

Day ten of the 30 day challenge; Favorite Class?

Same answer as yesterday … Druid.

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#WOW30 – First Class

Day nine of the 30 day challenge; First Class?

Maybe because I’m a tree hugger at heart or maybe some other reason I’ve long forgotten but regardless my first class was and still is a DRUID.

fantasy art chenbo 1920x1129 wallpaper_www.wallpaperhi.com_91
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