My Week in World of Warcraft

Auction House Dance Party Aug 22, 2017

Comment and let me know, did you participate in the auction house dance party this last weekend? Did you hear music?

I didn’t get a lot done this week, hardly anything actually. I’m not really sure what’s causing it but it appears my internet connection seems to be dropping. It’s to the point I’ve had to reset my router two or even three times a day. This works for a few hours and then it starts happening again. Maybe my router itself needs replaced?


Ok so with that said as far as raiding goes this last week, it just didn’t happen for me. My guild did give Tomb a try Saturday evening but they only got the first boss down. We may try again this next week but I don’t know because suddenly we’re finding a lot of people just aren’t playing — mid summer slump maybe?

With the interest issues lately I didn’t even bother to post a #weekinwow for last week but my guild cleared Nighthold (N) Saturday within our scheduled three hour raid time. I know that’s not a true feat this late in the game for most but for us it was a first and awesome!


I had planned to focus on just leather to start but with my internet issues it didn’t go as well as I had hoped. It was just yesterday I managed to get both my druid and my monk through any and all LFR wings that I still need set items from. My Sunday xmog run was cut short so we only did mythic Hellfire. Of course my luck sucks so I didn’t get anything I needed!! I don’t think I completed even one set this week.

Have I mentioned openraid lately? I love openraid! It’s a great way for people to raid current content without all the fuss of a raiding guild. My favorite openraid events are lead by Nealls. He leads several runs weekly for old and new content. I ran [M] Highmaul, [M] Blackrock Foundry, [M] Hellfire Citadel, [N] Emerald Nightmare, and [N] Nighthold for achievements and xmog with Nealls this last week.


In the last two weeks I’ve managed to finish not one but TWO characters working through the “Balance of Power” quest line.

Frost Mage

Shadow Priest

I finally got the High Dimensional Learning achievement this week. I’ve been stuck on it for the past month or more simply because I would forget about it and when I would remember, it wouldn’t be a Thursday!

So a funny thing happened a few days after completing this achievement. I was cleaning out my bags and just happened to turn away for a few seconds. Next thing I know I was ported to some odd spot on Broken Isles. I’m like WTF?!?

Later I noticed I still had an AP icon in my bags, but just before I went click it I realized it wasn’t for AP it was [Adept’s Guide to Dimensional Rifting] which is the reward for the High Dimensional Learning achievement LOL. Yaa I felt a little silly after realizing I had ported myself.


MY gripe for this week is TOMB LFR .. how RUDE is it that most of the time no one rez’s the dead!! Like seriously these wings are super long and only once, ONCE have I been in a Tomb LFR where they waited for EVERYONE to actually get inside the room before pulling the boss!! AND it’s impossible to run back to your body and loot the boss in the time allowed when your next queue has immediately popped up too!

Still on my To Do List:

  • Complete the class hall quest line for Monk, Pally, DK, and DH.
  • Complete the class mount quest for Priest, Warlock, Shaman, Monk, DH, Warrior, Pally, and DK.
  • Complete the last five quest achieves for Kalimdor.
  • Complete the Lich King Dungeon Faceroller & Soul Power achieves.
  • Complete a few more Lich King Raid achieves.
  • Figure out what I need to do to pick up the newest class pets!

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Transmog Thursday: Xmog Sets by Spec

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automatically change your characters look each time you switch specs?


Open the transmog window, notice there’s an arrow at the bottom (to the left side of the Apply button). Click that and you’ll see the option [Apply to: All specializations] AND [Apply to: Current specialization only]. You have to pay the regular transmog fee’s when setting this up (for each spec) and again if you make any changes to your gear. But once you set it up, your appearance will automatically change when your spec does, and at no additional cost.

VIDEO: A quick guide on how to save transmog sets that change automatically based on your talent specialization.

Happy Transmogrifying!!

My Week in World of Warcraft

It’s Tuesday so time to share my week in and around Azeroth.

I don’t feel like I did much this last week really. I started off slow with killing the world boss on all thirteen 110’s Tuesday evening. Then Wednesday I ran twelve toon through LFR Tomb. And there lies my downfall … my poor hands paid for all that button smashing!!

I wasn’t able to do much because my fingers we’re swollen and aching for several days. I even missed a couple xmog runs with Neall because my hands just hurt so bad. Then I missed Saturday’s guild run when we lost power for several hours during a thunderstorm. I’m really bummed about it because it caused me to miss our guilds  first kill for Elisandre & Gul’dan. AND I needed those kills to finish off another characters Balance of Power!!

I’m currently at fifteen level 110’s that’s including my grandsons demon hunter, but I don’t play on that one beside the weekly world boss.  My toons or what I call my alliance harem includes one of each class, are well on their way to completing the Legion campaign. I have four more that need to finish the class hall campaign, broken shore campaign, ect. All are currently able to hit the new LFR raid wings for Tomb which means they are all above ilevel 860. Actually most are closer to 900 at this point with just one slacker, the monk.


I completed two more set’s for the appearance tab. The Malorne Raiment which I’ve been trying to get the last item, boots from the Chess event in Karazhan, for months now. Funny thing is while I don’t know how many times exactly I ran my main thru for the boots it just didn’t seem to matter because they would not drop! So last evening I took my #2 druid in for that one more chance before reset and they dropped YAH!!

OK so I figured if #2 is going to have good luck then why not try again with another set that only needs one item. Sure enough Ulduar 10 Mimiron droped my helm token, YAH!!!

I also ran ICC 10 but my luck seemed to have ran out there because I didn’t get anything I needed.

TIP: For faster set completions it’s a good idea to run alts of the same class to collect xmog. Also run all your alts who can wear the same armor type because any look-a-like gear they pick up does many times count for the other classes who share armor types.


I also did some random achievements this last week. I have this small issue when it comes to achieves, I NEED to complete them ALL!!

But not just complete them all, I NEED to complete them all on my MAIN!! So quite often I find myself going back and completing achieves that I’ve already completed on other characters LOL.

I got credit for Loremaster back in 2011 so I have completed questing the old zones but I didn’t go back and re-quest the zones after the Cataclysm. I know, I know, but like I often say, better late than never! So, I finally went back and did the quest again for Thousand Needles, Dustwallow Marsh, and Desolace. I’m not done yet though because I’ve still have at least another handful of those reset zones to go.

I know everyone has been busy busy mount collecting, especially  since the class mounts debuted, but not me. Well, not anymore than I was before is more accurate. It’s not that I’m not in a hurry, I am, then again I’m just not. I’m only six mounts away from the 300 achieve so yaa I am looking forward to that. But I’m also determined to help my Barla to catch up the army of alts so we’re doing one or two mount quest weekly. SO far we’ve crossed off the list: Hunter, Rogue, Mage, and now the Druid as well.

Darkmoon Faire brought with it a new event boss this last week, the Blight Boar Concert. I managed to get 3 of the 4 new achievements completed so far.

I understand you can loot a new toy [Blight Boar Microphone] and xmog items [Leather-Lined Cage Helm] [Necromedes, the Death Resonator] from this event. Note: The new helm is available for all armor types.

Taking this Show on the Road is HARD! The event only happens on the half-hour and takes maybe 5 minutes to complete. The hard part for me was not getting hit by the banshee waves =(


First off WHY do ALL classes BUT druids get a CLASS MOUNT!!

Druids did NOT get a mount, we got a new flight form!! Yes it is a two seater but It doesn’t even share with any other druid alts! So Druid alts must do the full class hall mount quest line but no one else does. THAT’S JUST NOT RIGHT Blizzard!!


Hodir still WONT give me the Ominous Pile of Snow. The Winter Rageling pet has been the last one I needed for Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King for many months now. WEIRD, I could have sworn it was the Boneshard pet I needed, now I wonder how many times I hit Lord Marrowgar needlessly!

Still on my To Do List:

  • Complete the class hall quest line for Monk, Pally, DK, and DH.
  • Complete the class mount quest for Priest, Warlock, Shaman, Monk, DH, Warrior, Pally, and DK.
  • Complete the last five quest achieves for Kalimdor.
  • Complete the Lich King Dungeon Faceroller & Soul Power achieves.
  • Complete a few more Lich King Raid achieves.

So comment below and share what your working on? And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Facebook =}

Transmog Thursday: Are You Ready for the Trial of Style?

Trial of Style is a micro-holiday scenario coming in Patch 7.2.5, where six players are competing in a fashion competition for Mog Week Tokens.

Trial of Style WoW Transmog Competition!

Dust off those pauldrons and compete in a fashion competition of Azerothian proportions! Speak to a transmogrifier NPC in any major city to participate in the Trial of Style!

Trial of Style is a newly-added micro-holiday scenario, happening inside the first boss room in Magisters’ Terrace. Players are given a mog theme and have a set time limit (two and a half minutes), in which they use transmogrifiers to dress up accordingly. They can even use the barber chair to change faces, hairstyle, hair color and piercings. During this time, you won’t see the appearance of other players, they all will be wearing the same clothes.

After the time is up, you’ll be casting your votes.

  • During voting, you can switch between the two contestants and cast your vote.
  • When on stage, you can wave and dance to earn those votes!

At the end, winners are announced and you’ll receive

The rewards contain Mog Week Tokens that can be exchanged for transmoggable gear in Dalaran.

The possible themes are currently Summer Styles, Winter Wear, Ready for Battle, Fun and Flirty, Mismatched Mayhem, Fire and Ice, Dark and Deadly, Faction Pride, Primal Style, Heroes of Azeroth, Make Me Laugh,Tabard Time, Everyday Heroes, Epic Purple, Champions of the Light and Freestyle! But these themes we’re on the PTR so they are subject to change once the event goes live.

If you’re farming mog ahead of time I recommend the Monar’s Wardrobe Helper addon to help you track appearances that you need from each instance. And if you need some inspiration, check out Transmogrification Reddit, MogMyGear, or WoW Roleplay Gear.

Transmog Thursday: Trial of Valor Raid Sets

Patch 7.1 is old news yes, but did you know it brought us four (x4) new xmog sets from the raid, Trial of Valor? Now I don’t know about you but I want them all!

In return for collecting 1000 Valarjar Soul Fragments the quest Trial of Valor: The Lost Army rewards players one tint of the transmog set “Chosen Dead”. So do be sure to complete that quest on each of the four armor types. And if you we’re wondering, you can complete this quest on ANY difficulty and you’ll still receive the normal tint as the reward.

Each armor type has it’s own tint for each raid difficulty:

For the most part these set’s are collected by getting an ensemble to drop off bosses, and sadly they aren’t guaranteed so be prepared to run the different difficulties multiple times in order to collect them all. ALL BUT ONE of course, because I already mentioned above that completing the quest will reward you with the normal difficulty coloration.

Each set covers you head to toe and includes a cloak so you will collect NINE pieces in total per set. AND while I personally can not confirm it, rumor is that you can get lucky enough to get an ensemble from a Bonus Roll.

IF that’s happened to you please leave a comment and let us know.

So just what do these “Chosen Dead” transmog set’s look like?

I tried to find some decent images to show you all the sets and these images by we’re the best I could find that showed all the tints.

Vestment of the Chosen Dead

1st Row – Difficulty: Heroic > Blue, Brown, & Gold
2nd Row – Difficulty: Raid Finder > Dark Blue & Silver
3rd Row – Difficulty: Normal > Brown & Gold
4th Row – Difficulty: Mythic > Red & Brown

Garb of the Chosen Dead

1st Row – Difficulty: Normal > Blue & Silver
2nd Row – Difficulty: Mythic > Burnt Orange & Gold
3rd Row – Difficulty: Heroic > Maroon & Green
4th Row – Difficulty: Raid Finder > Purple & Bronze

Chains of the Chosen Dead

1st Row – Difficulty: Normal > Brown & Gold
2nd Row – Difficulty: Mythic > Black, Fuchsia, & Silver
3rd Row – Difficulty: Normal > Brown & Gold
4th Row – Difficulty: Raid Finder > Green

Funerary Plate of the Chosen Dead

1st Row – Difficulty: Normal > Bronze & Orange
2nd Row – Difficulty: Raid Finder > Light Blue
3rd Row – Difficulty: Mythic > Gold
4th Row – Difficulty: Heroic > Gray & Burgundy

For more transmogrification set’s check out the videos on the wowhead youtube channel.

Have you been collecting these Trial of Valor sets?






Tome of Polymorph: White Polar Bear, Monkey, and Porcupine

New Polymorphs for Mages

You might already know there are several new items available for nearly every class but of 7.0.3 Mages can now add a monkey AND a white polar bear to their available Polymorphs!

Tome of Polymorph: Monkey is dropping from Hozen mobs in The Jade Forest.

Tome of Polymorph: Monkey

Tome of Polymorph: Polar Bear Cub from Arctic Grizzly in Dragonblight.

Tome of Polymorph: Polar Bear Cub

Tome of Polymorph: Porcupine from Pandaren porcupines.  I suggest the Needleback Porcupines here in the Dread Waste.

Tome of Polymorph: Porcupine

This is a replacement to the removed glyph Charred Glyph that used to modify your polymorph to the porcupine prior to 6.0.2.

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