Transmog Thursday: Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye

Welcome back to Transmog Thursdays, today we’re going to check out this armor set from Warlords of Draenor.

Battlewrap of the Hurricane’s Eye is a leather armor set from the heroic version of Hellfire Citadel. This raid requires level 100 but even-so I would say this set should be quite “easy” to collect these days.

Battlewrap of the Hurricane's Eye

If you don’t care for the green version there is also a yellow version available in normal difficulty. Do you want to see this set on a different race, you can do that in The Dressing Room.

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My Week in World of Warcraft: #2

First let me just say hello, “It’s Me” and I’m back again – I hope anyway. So obviously my move to a new host did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. Actually it was quite frustrating because it turned out that none of my sites could be migrated to the new host due to the files sizes. Out of aggravation I honestly just gave up. And while I finally have the blog back online you can see somethings are still not quite right – like none of the old images are loading.


OMG my last weekly report was in Sept 2017 at which time I was working on the Balance of Power questline. I’m happy to report I did finish it on eleven out of twelve characters during Legion but sadly that leaves my poor neglected Monk still waiting on the required mythics.

ATM I’ve got six max toons and almost all of which are above 350 now, the one whose not is my lonesome horde toon. I’m currently leveling both my pally (115) and warrior (113) toons.

I have not been doing LFR (ugh) but I have been tanking Uldir, yes I said tanking. I finally broke down and went bear for my guild. We’re just a casual bunch of raiders so as of last week we’ve still only downed 6/8 bosses. But I’m still hopeful that we will finish it before this new raid comes out at the end of the month.

This last week has found me working a bit more on setting up my TSM4 auction groups. I guess I’m hoping that by setting up my groups again I’ll find some crafted items that might be selling. I haven’t been flipping herbs/ore this xpac because I don’t have the gold to keep up on the buyouts. This expansion has been really REALLY sucky as far as gold making. #pleasegivemegoldblizzard

Other than that I haven’t really been playing much this week. It’s not that I’m on the I hate Blizzard bandwagon that’s been going on, especially on youtube, as of late. NO it’s more that some times WoW, BFA especially, is just overwhelming because like there’s too much to do and not enough hours in the day to do it all. And that starts feeling way to much like chores and so after a couple hours of just doing dailies it’s like UGH no more today.

AND if I’m being totally honest I’ve been feeling the draw to play The Sims 4 again. And that is why I pushed to get this blog back online. I’m hoping it will help keep me working towards my WoW goals by blogging about it.


I recently added the [ Finely-Tailored Green Holiday Hat ], the last one I needed, to my collections during the 2018 Winter Veil . This week I ran SoO on a couple plate dps for those blasted shoulders but Garrosh is pretty stingy with em. I also ran ToT and another week without my belt. But my hunter had a little luck in Arathi Highland and got [7th Legionnaire’s Longbow]. I don’t need much more but weapons from there.

Listed below are the PVE sets (on the appearance tab) that I still need to complete:

Heart of Fear – Why Why WHY Blizzard?!? They added a BOE belt to the LFR set [ Feralbark Belt ]. Because not only did they break my set but that damn thing ONLY drops from Island Expeditions and Good Luck with getting it.

Throne of Thunder – I’ve only needed the belt drop [Girdle of Night and Day] from the Twin Consorts for well over a year and no I don’t run it every week but I do run it a couples times a month.

These next few sets are all from Legion raids and atm they are just are not high on my TO DO list. I need both the heroic and mythic sets from Nighthold. I’ve yet to complete even one set out of Tomb of Sargeras, but I am only missing like one item for a couple of them. And I need all but the normal set from Antorus.

As you can see above I’ve completed one of the sets in Uldir but nothing else as far as BFA raid sets go. I’m currently showing 54/57 on the appearance tab but if you count them all (and I do) it’s really 69 PVE set’s and so far I have completed 51 of them.


At last report I was working on [ Now I Am the Master ] and I’m happy to say I completed that one awhile ago. Lately I’ve been focusing on war mode, Island Expedition, and pet battle related achievements.

Pet Battle Achieves – I’m missing one fight [Corrupted Blood of Argus] to complete the [Family Familiar] achieve. I’m way WAY behind on the [Family Brawler] achieve. I have everything from the first couple pet battle dungeons and as of yet I haven’t even started on the new one Gnomeregan. AND I’m slowly working on [Family Battler].

Up nearly 2K from my last report – I ended the week with 25,950 achievements points and our guild roster says 21,955 for my main, Starrefyre.


I’m at 981 unique pets collected and with a little luck on these Island Expeditions that will hopefully get to 1k very soon. And if you don’t know collecting 1000 unique pets [ Master of Minions ] rewards the pet [ Hearthy ] and OMG he’s adorbs!

My toy collection 421/544 is coming along with my newest editions being: [ Toy Armor Set ], [ Greatfather Winter’s Hearthstone ], and the [Twiddle Twirler: Sentinel’s Glaive].

I’m working towards [ A Horde of Hoofbeats ] with my mount collection by farming Ulduar and TK weekly on several alts. Currently I’m at 380/400 my last mount drops we’re from Arathi Highlands [ Witherbark Direwing ], [Lil’ Donkey ], and [ Broken Highland Mustang ].


  • Buy the new PVP profession patterns.
  • Do more mythics.

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Transmog Thursday: Trial of Style Season Two

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

Did you compete in the Trial of Style – Season Two?

There we’re three new themes for this season: Zen, Magical Modelling, and one more which I was really excited about Spook-tacular but of course it was never called while I was competing =(

Just like last time, I decided to take one character from all four armor classes and compete for the win. By winning your able to purchase the Fashionable Undershirt which when worn gives you the Fashionable BUFF all the time, kool huh!!

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

My PRIEST must have had the worst luck, she made second and third place so many times that she has more than 100 tokens left over. She eventually won this terrible transmog for the ZEN theme.

I was really starting to think it’s racism, like does no one like dwarves? Well you better buck-up people because soon their will be even more of them!

My SHAMAN won right off the start, she’s wearing the Dreadful Gladiators Ringmail Armor, all but the belt which is set to invisible. It’s not very creative unless you count the awesomeness factor – because it looks a lot like the storms costumes from the movie Big trouble in Little China. I’m HAPPY others liked that set too – because she won!

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

Last season I pent hours ahead of time saving sets for every possible theme, this round I’ve waited till today (last minute) to compete so I didn’t have more than 3-4 transmogs ready to go on each toon.

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

It took several rounds for my poor ROGUE panda to do better than third place. Seriously I don’t understand some others taste because personally I LOVE her sets, especially the VanCleef set with Spellfire Longswords! But what eventually won first place was this awkward purple BIRD!

World of Warcraft - Trial of Style - Season Two

And lastly was my PALADIN who did pickup this seasons armor set but never did win first place before time ran out for this season of the Trial of Style. BUT I’m not worried because it was the same shirt for first place as it had been last time. I’m going to assume it will be again next time. And we now know the event vendor has all the previous sets so if you missed out on Trial of Style Season One or Two don’t worry you can earn them next round.

IF anyone is interesting in the set’s for anything my toons are wearing above let me know in the comments below and I’ll make a post for each of them.

So tell me did you compete in season two of Trial of Style?

Warcraft Trading Post is Back Online – Sort Of …

Warcraft Trading Post
Dust Bunnies (or dust bunnies) are small clumps of dust that form under furniture and in corners that are not cleaned regularly.

I’ve changed hosting companies and have encountered a few issues recovering my website. Specifically there’s about ten years worth of entries making the site file sizes quite large. Much larger than what can easily be recovered, apparently.

So after a couple of days trying to find a work-around to the situation I’ve finally reconciled myself that it’s pretty hopeless and I’ll have to either start from scratch or take what I’ve got and move on.

Luckily, I did have an export file of all my previous post here but it only imported the text so while I have the images that we’re attached to those post – they aren’t showing in the post anymore. I’ll have to edit each and every single post in order to fix the missing images — sad face. But I think at this point I’m just happy to have anything because not all my sites we’re even this lucky.

OK so let’s be honest, WTP (Warcraft Trading Post) has been over run with more than a few dust bunnies! Many of my guides are either very outdated or just plain defunct now especially with all the other great WoW sites out there offering bigger and better versions of basically the same information.

Maybe, just maybe, not being able to do a full recovery is a good thing. Because now I’ll HAVE TO do some cleaning up!! Stay tuned …


World of Warcraft 8.0 | Q&A Panel Highlights

World of Warcraft 8.0 | Q&A Panel Highlights
Battle for Azeroth Sylvanas and Anduin

Developers said they didn’t want players to feel forced to delete characters on the realms they play on just to make a new character once they’d unlocked their new allies. So, there will be six additional slots with Battle for Azeroth to accommodate the Allied Races. No word yet on if they’re also going to raise the character limit — at present, the character limit is 50.

Question was asked, is the backpack going to get any updates? “We are very close to allowing you to slightly increase your backpack size.” In a future patch, if you have an authenticator attached to your account, your backpack size will increase.

Developers confirmed Battle For Azeroth would mimic how Legion allowed players to unlock flying. Flight will not be allowed at launch, but like Legion, will be unlocked later in the expansion.

Question was asked, will our friends list be updated, it is currently capped at 200. Yes but theres no timeline as far when to expect this update. Increasing the cap will require work from every game connected to It’s a concerted effort issue.

Developers said Worgen and Goblin models are being worked on, but will not be live for patch 8.0.

Question was asked, will the new race transmog armor sets be able to be worn on other characters? For example can the new Nightborne armor be worn on a Blood Elf? Answer was simply, No.


BETA sign-up is open!

World of Warcraft 8.0 | What’s New


6 zones on 2 NEW continents:
Kul Tiras: Home of the most powerful Navy on Azeroth. By nature monster hunters Kul Tiras is ruled by 4 houses who have issues of their own including invading pirates. Made of up 3 zones Stormsong Valley, Tiragarde Sound, and Drustvar.

Zandalar: An old civilization of trolls who were forced to adapt to island life and have since mastered the sea. They now have a Navy that rivals if not surpasses the human Navy. It’s ruled by King Rastakhan and is also made up of 3 new zones, Nazmir, Vol’dun, and Zuldazar. Note: Nazmir has a quest line with Loa, AND a frog mount!

We’ll be leveling to level 120 where an epic “War Campaign” becomes available as well as new world quest and emissaries.


We’ll be questing to bring new ally races into the faction(s) eventually opening that new race up “to play” starting at level 20.

Character Boost will be available however if you level these new 6 allied races yourself you will unlock a level 110 (universal) Heritage Armor for transmog.

Alliance: Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei, and Dark Iron Dwarves
New Alliance Races

Horde: Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, and Zandalari Trolls
New Horde Races


Scaling is coming to all of Azeroth with some exceptions. Some zones will have level ranges with caps. For example new characters shouldn’t venture out past their starter zones without danger. So starter zones which will be capped at a maximum level, but lower than the current 110. Examples: Westfall 10-60 and Tirisfal Glades 10-60.

Expansion zones will also be flexible allowing you to choose which expansion you want to level through. This applies to dungeons and rewards along the way. These changes will be BEGINNING in 7.3.5!

– Outland 60-80
– Northrend 60-80
– Cataclysm 80-90
– Mist of Pandaria 80-90


A gift from Azeroth herself, an artifact quality medallion replacing the current artifact weapons. The medallion will adsorb Azerite which in turns unlocks latent properties of the armor collected as we journey through this new expansion.


Exploring uncharted isles across the Great Sea will lead to Horde and Alliance skirmishing over resources. These will be 3 player cooperative game play (scenarios??) where you must complete varied and dynamic objectives against advanced AI opponents. However, a 3 vs 3 player PVP option will be available.


The battle for Azeroth is taking place in large scale battles on the home-front. This is the fight we need to win, the reason for the all the resources and new alliances. This is a PVE 20 player cooperative raid versus NPC armies reminiscent of Warcraft 2-3.

Lead an alliance expedition force into enemy lands securing an outpost, building your base, upgrading your building, training troops, building an army and then leading them further into enemy territory and crushing the enemy!


New Arenas: Tiragarde and Zuldazar these 2 new arenas can be found in the new zones.

New battleground: Seething Shore can be found off the coast of Silithus. Fighting over Azerite nodes popping up all around the map. PREVIEW coming in 7.3.5!

The old World PVP ruleset changes are being made to update to reflect today’s players. Removing the server lock for PVE or PVP, giving individuals the option to change to PVP. There will be bonuses for those who switch to PVP while questing and leveling.


10 New Dungeons coming with this expansion with four in Kul Tiras and four in Zandalari. All are available to both factions at level 120.

Freehold, located in Tiragarde Sound.
Atal’Dazar, located in Zuldazar.
Tol Dagor, located off the coast of Kul Tiras.
Waycrest Manor, located in Drustvar.
Shrine of the Storm, located in Stormsong Valley.
Siege of Boralus, located Tiragarde’s capital city, Boralus.
Temple of Sethraliss, located in Vol’dun.
The Underrot, located in Nazmir.
King’s Rest, located within Atal’Dazar.
Kezan, those greedy little goblins!

Mythic Keystones are here to stay. They will be making UI improvements for finding mythic groups a bit easier. However NO mention of making them queue-able, so don’t count on that.


Uldir, Halls of Control features 8 bosses inside this Titan quarantine facility which has been shut down for thousands of years.

AND yes, we will eventually be facing off against Queen Azshara.

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