My Week in World of Warcraft

Another week is gone, my how time flies when your having fun!!

We saw the final wing of TOMB open this last week and lot’s of QQ over the mechanics in LFR mode. I personally only did the wing once myself and of course I didn’t get any good lootz. We did have three stacks of Determination by the end but for a Monday LFR group I figure that’s pretty dang good.


This maybe a new week for most but for me it’s a new year as well since it was also my birthday week. I have to say I have the BEST world of warcraft guild mates, thank you ALL!

They blew up my mail box with like 500 plus birthday gifts. I got tons of wild flowers, fishing poles, and omg 100’s of bottles of bleach. Larissa sent me the chocolate cake — not as good as the real red velvet cake the kiddo baked me but it’s was the thought that made my day!!

Barla surprised me with a TCG Loot Card I was missing: Bananas. WOOOT! I’ve been watching for this little guy off/on for a couple years now but just hadn’t picked it up yet. TY! TY!


Let’s see, I don’t really think I did much when it comes to raiding this last week. I know I missed a couple raids I had signed up for on openraid and I also missed our guild raid night.

I did take my Rogue through heroic Emerald Nightmare for Balance of Power. And I went with Neall’s openraid group #AchieveMore to normal Nighthold on an achievement run.


I didn’t have anywhere near the luck this week completing xmog sets as I had last week. But I did manage to finish the last Dragon Soul set. I have wanted this set like forever!! It’s my MOST favorite set for my main, the LFR set [Deep Earth Vestments].

I’m currently showing 45/47 on the appearance tab but if you count them all (and I do) it’s really 37/53 PVE set’s.

FUGly Fashion Show

So you might wonder WHY did people send me bleach for my birthday, LOL, well because sometimes the FUGly makes you wanna wash your eyes out!!!

Our guild #EquinoxLlane held a Fashion Show (contest) this last week. The theme was of course the ugliest set you could put together, I wish I had recorded it but I didn’t, my bad.

I made what I thought was a really awful xmog. I started with what I consider the worst Druid set, the ICC tier set then I mixed & matched it with a few other items. Personally I thought it was pretty FUGLY. But the contest judge stated it was too matchy and actually said “not bad” ….. shivers!!!


It was an exciting week for achievements since I finished off a couple of big ones! Thanks mostly to @TheNealls I completed the [Glory of the Legion Raider].

Glory of the Legion Raider

I’ve needed just one pet for months now so I broke down and bought the Winter Rageling, completing [Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lich King].

Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lich King

I picked up several new mounts earning [Lord of the Reins].

Lord of the Reins

And I finished off two more zones [Stonetalon Mountains Quests] & [Ashenvale Quests] in Kalimdor that I’ve needed since the cataclym reset a bunch of old zone quests.

I ended the week with 23,695 achievements points and the guild roster says 19,680 for Starrefyre.


I had a great week when it came to collecting mounts. I started off the week at 296 mounts, needing just four more for the next achieve. So I figured I can do that!!

I made myself the three jewelcrafting Panther mounts I was missing and put a bid on the AH for someones blacksmithing mount [Steelbound Devourer].

My Warlock finished her class hall mount quest and collected the [Netherlord’s Chaotic Wrathsteed].

I parked her out on Broken Isle where it didn’t take long before Lord Hel’nurath popped up. He has a 100% drop of the purple version of the class hall mount [Netherlord’s Accursed Wrathsteed]. But I’m afraid it’s a Warlock only drop, sorry all you none warlock types!!

I finished two more falcosaur pet quest, collecting the [Brilliant Direbeak] & [Predatory Bloodgazer] mounts.

I got the [Grove Defiler] mount from the Legion raiding meta achieve.

And somewhere in all that [Lord of the Reins] completed and I got the [Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent] mount as a reward.

Heavenly Azure Cloud Serpent

So I ended the week with TEN new mounts!! Hopefully they’ll add another new mount meta soon but in the mean time my main is showing 352 total mounts.

I also added two new pets to my collection [Wind Rider Cub] & [Bananas]. You can check out my pet collection here, my current status is 837/906 and #18 on the realm.


OK my pet peeve of the week is feeling like I’m so far behind on my Balance of Power goals. The reason this is bothering me is as I’ve said before I feel like time is running out for Legion. But even more so I feel like I’m about to start running out of opportunities to even get into normal Nighthold groups.

I’m working on collecting these weapon appearances on ALL 12 of my alliance characters. Yes it’s kind of crazy but hey it’s my goal and I REALLY want those appearances!

Currently I’ve completed it on four characters Druid, Mage, Hunter, and Priest. My Warlock and Shaman need to complete a quest, three more mythics, and will then be ready to begin the Nighthold phase of this questline.

My Warrior and Rogue need to catch up on the Suramar questline. My Death Knight is ready to do the first couple of mythics. My Pally is ready to start the Emerald Nightmare phase.

And for my last two characters, in order to even start the Balance of Power questline the Demon Hunter needs to finish the classhall questline. And the Monk needs to finish questing in Azuna.


  • Complete the class hall quest line for my Monk, Pally, DK, and DH.
  • Complete the class mount quest for my Priest, Warlock, Shaman, Monk, DH, Warrior, Pally, and DK.
  • Go through all my profession characters and complete the Legion profession quest.
  • Farm Underbelly Rares for the Rogue and Shaman hidden appearances. Go for my last hidden appearance for my Hunter from Ursoc. Do TOV on my Warrior for the hidden appearance.
  • Get back in there and finish those last four Brawlers Guild ranks.
  • I still need concordance on my Hunter(x3), Rogue(x3), Paladin(x3), Death Knight(x3), Warlock, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Mage.
  • I still need to start working on the Chromie Scenario.

So comment below and share what your working on? And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Facebook =}

New Battle Pets Coming in Patch 7.3

Patch 7.3 might not be as far away as many people think, so let’s check out the 43 new battle pets coming in Patch 7.3

New Wild Pets

Argus is bringing us three new zones which means there will be several new wild pets to capture. And as pointed out here by Quintessence, some of these pet come in multiple color choices!

Krokuun: Bile Larva, Bilescourge, Flickering Argunite

Mac’Aree: Arcane Gorger, Felcrazed Wyrm, Pygmy Marsuul, Skyfin Juvenile, Void Shardling, Voidstalker Runt, Warpstalker Runt

Antoran Wastes: Antoran Bile Larva, Antoran Bilescourge

New Rare Drop Pets

Several battle pets were added which are drops from rares on Argus:

New Holiday Event Pets

  • There’s a new Winter Veil pet, Globe Yeti.
  • Hallow’s End is bring a new pet, Naxxy. Sold by holiday vendors during Hallow’s End for 150 Tricky Treats.

New Achievement Pet Rewards

Family Fighter is similar to Family Familiar — Pet Battlers will need to defeat Argus pet NPCs with teams comprised of one pet family. The achievement rewards the new pet, Felclaw Marsuul.

Players will have to use each pet type to defeat a total of 18 new pet NPCs. These encounters are located across Argus. And according to developer Jeremy Feasel on Twitter, unlike the trainers from Family Familiar, the Family Fighter NPCs will be spawned indefinitely and can be battled even if their World Quest isn’t active.

Raiding with Leashes V: Cuteaclysm is the latest pet collection achievement coming in Patch 7.3. In this achievement, players will collect pets from bosses in Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Descent, Throne of the Four Winds, Firelands, and Dragon Soul.

Collectors will find 15 of these pets inside Cataclysm raids, and the final pet, Amalgam of Destruction, is the reward for completing the achievement.

Blackwing Descent (3 pets)

Dragon Soul (3 pets)

Firelands (4 pets)

The Bastion of Twilight (3 pets)

Throne of the Four Winds (2 pets)

And .. More New Patch 7.3 Battle Pets

Here are a few more battle pets that can be found somewhere on Argus.

  • Cross Gazer is a reward from the quest An Intact Pile of Demon Eyes.
  • Orphaned Marsuul available after reaching Honored with Argussian Reach. Sold by Toraan the Revered for 500 gold.
  • Dibbler drops from new pet battle tamer Environeer Bert’s Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies.
  • Ghost Shark requires ‘Good Friend’ reputation with Ilyssia for 50 Fragmented Enchantment.
  • Several pets have unknown sources, the Fossorial Bile Larva and Fel Lasher.

Wowhead also listed these adorable Golden Retriever or Aussie Pup Models but as of this writing I could not find where or how exactly we’ll be able to find them for collecting.

Keep in mind that nothing is final, and pets and other content may change prior to official release of Patch 7.3


Transmog Thursday: Hunter Sets

Let’s transmog our HUNTERS!

Luxeley presents Wow Legion – 5 Epic and Unique Hunter Xmogs Sets

Tweak your appearance with fiery and sexy Hunter xmog gear comprised from various pieces from different xpacs, including Vanilla Wow, Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich Kind, Cataclysm, Mist of Pandaria, Warlords of Draenor and of course Legion.

I love the way he shows these sets on different models!! I personally like set #2!!

Jessiehealz presents Badass Hunter Transmog Sets #6 Guide (World of Warcraft)

10 cool Hunter gear sets for transmogrification on your characters! Enjoy the video/series? Feel free to drop a like or comment they help a lot and are always appreciated.

Jessiehealz You Tube channel is quite popular for making transmog set videos. So if these 10 sets don’t tickle your fancy be sure to check out the others. I’m kinda digging set #8 myself.

SignsOfKelani presents Top 10 Best Bows In World of Warcraft!

I’ve recently got into the transmog game and I can say with certainty that I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t seem to fit sets together nicely and finding the pieces is a pain in the butt, but I’ve decided one way to go about it is to work around a weapon! So to that end, we’re going to look at the top 10 bows I love from WoW! These are the bows I’d love to build sets around, but haven’t quite got that far yet!

OMG look at #3 Primal Gladiator’s Longbow what an awesome bow and in my favorite colors!!! BUT of course it’s NO LONGER AVAILABLE thanks SignsOfKelani for showing me a bow I can’t have!! HOWEVER .. there is a red/orange version (horde only) as well as a blue/teal version (alliance only) still available!

Comment below and share with your favorite hunter set. And remember I’m still looking for current url’s for xmog blogs & websites to update my list.

My Week in World of Warcraft

It was Wrath of the Lich King Timewalking this last week. I had planned to take my lowest geared characters through but it turned out I only got two characters through. Sadly it wasn’t even the characters that should have gone!!

I started the week needing the WRATH TW mount, all three toys, and the [Guantlets of the Kraken] for transmog from the Timewalking currency vendor. I ended the week only needing the mount [Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger] and one toy [Hourglass of Eternity].

We had The Soultakers as our world boss this week and my Death Knight got lucky and picked up the frost hidden appearance.. yah!!


So when it comes to raiding, I’m really super casual. I was once in a raid guild, and frankly I feel like ‘been there done that’ and I simply have no interest in progression. When some of my guild mates expressed an interest in moving further into current content I didn’t much like the idea. I still don’t but for selfish reasons, I simply have no interest in progression. If I we’re being honest with myself, I think being casual is great but being casual hinders progression making  it merely a time sink. Time I could be working on something else, I do have a harem of ALTS who need attention!

DAILY CHORE LIST: Hit the class halls to start new missions, complete the daily profession cool downs, post or re-post auctions, and depending on the emissaries up do world quest. Do the PVP world quest as much as possible since I want P2 on all alts.  I also try to haul my leveling horde characters through any invasions that might popup.

WEEKLY CHORE LIST: Do the weekly quest on all my ALTS (unless it’s PVP related). On my main I do the weekly archeology quest and complete the pet battle dungeons. I usually start Tues off killing the world boss on everyone and doing LFR if I feel up to it.

I have personal goals for this expansion, like getting “Balance of Power” on all my ALTS. I want to complete ALL the set’s for everyone on the appearance tab. I want to collect as many mounts, pets, and achievements as I possibly can on my main. All the while keeping my main geared out for normal/heroic current content runs that I might signup for on openraid. But with so much going on at this time, raiding just isn’t a priority for me atm.


I had a good week xmog farming!! I started early spending most of Thursday farming old raids. I managed to complete [Vestments of the Eternal Blossom] in ToeS 25N and [Vestments of the Haunted Forest] in ToT 25N.

Friday night a few of my friends came with and we ran mythic Blackhand and Archimonde but no one had luck getting a mount from either. However thanks to Adam for giving me his tier shoulders, I was able to complete HFC M [Oathclaw Wargarb].

I ran ICC 25H, Halion 25H, Dragon Soul LFR and 25N without any luck. I ended the week with LFR mode for Pandslands ToeS, ToT, and SoO. Followed by some Emerald Nightmare, Nighthold, and TOMB. I got a piece here and there but not enough to complete another set.


I did a quick run through Mogu’Shan Vaults 25N and got the [Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent] making my 295th mount. Wooooooooot!!!

Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent

After having such good luck I made the round and hit SHA and Nalak but nothing. I searched around for the Warbringers since I only need the blue eyed Slate Direhorn but no luck there either. These days however, several people are usually camping the spawn spots.

While I was flying about I picked up one of the Pandaria toys I still need: Shard of Archstone. I’m currently at 328 of 438 toys… I really need to make more of an effort on collecting those.

I have this sick feeling time is running out for the Legion. So I need to stay on top of getting my ALTS through LFR this xpac. Not just because the set bonuses might benefit some of my ALTS but because the truth is I want to complete the LFR tier sets now! I don’t want to be grinding away at them in the next expansion(s) like I am for the Pandaria LFR sets. It’s great to be able to go back and complete the old LFR sets but man the drop rate is terrible!!!


I DID a Trial of Valor Achievement run with . It was rough, we spent about 2.5 hours on the three achievements in that raid but we GOT em!

Here is the status of just some other of the achievements I’m currently working on:

Balance of Power: Mage, Warlock, Priest, Druid, Rogue, Monk, Demon Hunter, Shaman, Hunter, Warrior, Paladin, and Death Knight.

I STILL need one more pet for Raiding with Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King the Winter Rageling from Hodir in Ulduar. I still need to complete questing in five Kalimdor zones (again). I had planned to start working on all the achieves in Ulduar again since when I completed them the first time it wasn’t on my main {OCD!!} but I keep putting it off.


My peeve this week is really kinda personal, not many in-game know I suffer from some major anxiety issues. I’m not sure why but this past week it’s been really bad.

Then again maybe I do know why, I’ve lost both my grandparents {Nana/Papa} this past year so death has weighed heavily on my mind. And I’m about to turn the big FIVE OH myself, this week actually. I miss my mom terribly but she’s been gone longer so it’s my Nana who I sometimes think about calling and then realize “oh yaa” she’s gone.

I haven’t been able to get in touch with my dad in nearly a year – he lives in another state. And my anxiety has kept me from truly honestly going out of my way too call other relatives and find out if he’s ok. He’s always been introvert himself so while he has a phone, he doesn’t really use it. My fear of course is finding out I’ve lost him too – the only man I ever wanted to call my Dad.

Since my mom divorced him (step-father) when I was a teenager I haven’t gotten to see him much. When my own gurls we’re young we would make the trip to visit for the holidays but even that has been quite some time ago. Yesterday was his birthday and we always chat on either his or mine which are only two days apart. So I’ve been fairly depressed having not been able to get a answer to my phone calls in several months.

So just what is my “pet peeve of the week” it’s me! Sometimes I just feel damaged beyond repair and it’s frustrating. It’s like normal things people do everyday without even putting thought into it I simply shut down on. For me sometimes just trying make conversation is like trying to run a 10K in 2 feet of MUD up hill – Impossible.


  • Complete the class hall quest line for my Monk, Pally, DK, and DH.
  • Complete the class mount quest for my Priest, Warlock, Shaman, Monk, DH, Warrior, Pally, and DK.
  • Go through all my profession characters and complete the Legion profession quest.
  • Farm Underbelly Rares for the Rogue and Shaman hidden appearances. Go for my last hidden appearance for my Hunter from Ursoc. Do TOV on my Warrior for the hidden appearance.
  • Get back in there and finish those last four Brawlers Guild ranks.
  • I still need concordance on my Hunter(x3), Rogue(x3), Paladin(x3), Death Knight(x3), Warlock, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Mage.
  • I still need to start working on the Chromie Scenario.

So comment below and share what your working on? And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter & Facebook =}

Transmog Thursday: Transmog Competitions

With Trial of Style coming up soon I would have thought we would be seeing more You Tube host putting out new transmog videos. But it just doesn’t seem so, like is most everyone just over xmog??

Once upon a time xmog competitions we’re a dime a dozen. I think WoW Factor might’ve been the first, at least it was me.  Most of the popular Warcraft videos makers have either held or judged competitions at one point or another. Now however it seems really hard to even find any current competitions. But for that matter I find it rather hard now to find a good transmog website that’s still updating.

A quick search on YouTube found this xmog competition video uploaded just a couple weeks ago. Rezboable’s uploaded this video of the World Of Warcraft Transmog Show that states it’s a weekly event. I would have included more info on the live show info, where to submit your xmog, ect but his video did not include any links!

Help me compile a current list of links by commenting below to let me know of any CURRENT World of Warcraft transmogrification websites and/or competitions you might know of.

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