Naxxramas Basic-Only Tutorial for Casuals (Arachnid Quarter)

Naxxramas Basic-Only Tutorial for Casuals (Arachnid Quarter)

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Another One Bites the Dust

Finished my rogue’s legendary cape quest a couple days ago making my fourth toon with the cloak. And today my hunter hit the runestone part of the quest chain after facing down Nalak. Here’s a vid with tips on solo’n that monster.

One of my goals for ‘before’ WoD is too have all my level ninety’s wearing these legendary cloaks! My death knight and pally are both on Test of valor. My priest and warlock are both on the PVP part of the quest. Those damn PVP quest are enough to make me wanna rip my hair out!! On my server the alliance never wins or if they do it’s only after spending hours losing and getting lucky enough to finally get ONE win.

The easiest way to do the PVP quest is by using wargames. Basically you take ten people split into two teams of five. The group leaders must be on the same server. This way they are able to target each other and issue the wargame challenge. Now I’ve been told it might be possible to just meet in Stormwind for that but I haven’t tried it myself. So you go in and if you want quick and easy tell both teams yours just in it to win it — assign one team as the winning team and tell everyone no fighting. Simple right … well if you can find ten people and make them ALL understand that your friends are there to help not PVP!!

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Curse of Naxxramas

Hearthstone unveils solo adventures starting with Curse of Naxxramas and it looks like fun!!

The Lich Kel’Thuzad awaits within, along with 14 other deadly bosses to challenge your skills. Defeating the bosses can earn you unique Naxxramas cards. It appears that just like Naxx there will be four quarters with the first opening today. You’ll be able to choose from three difficulty settings.

First round is against Anub’rekhan do you have what it takes? It took me two tries but I managed to beat him with my mage deck. On to the Grand Widow …

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Adventures in the Warlords of Draenor

I got my beta invite a week or so ago but I’ve been trying to be careful and not to let my ‘before’ WoD goals slip by the wayside so I’ve only played a few times just before logging out for the nite. My first impressions .. wow! The colors, the vegetation, omg the LAG on my archaic graphics card!!


Today I took advantage of the Beta not going down for maintenance and made it a little further into the Shadowmoon Valley zone. Not to much after level ninety-one (which was super fast) I started my garrison. I was pleasantly surprised — I was expecting something more Little House on the Prairie but instead got something closer to Bonanza! To explain I took a serious of screenshots – panoramic view.


Go Khadgar!  >> The enormous blob of arcane energy appears to be giving people a tour of your garrison.


This is straight outta the box with no improvements as of yet. You can see in the screen above that there’s at least two building foundations and a third in the screen below. And a fourth one just not visible in my terrible screenshots.


Is that a consortium NPC? It sure is, Nexus-Lord Donjun Rade (get it?) is standing near by offering entrance into the new dungeons and raids being tested in beta. Currently those include >> Bloodmaul Slagmines, Shadowmoon Burial Grounds, & Upper Blackrock Spire.


OK next step .. build the barracks! Clickety Click and done. LOVE the animation LoL. Things seem to be moving quickly now with the barracks built and my first follower out on her first mission. Seems like a good place to stop for the time being… to be continued.

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Warlords of Draenor

Just thought I’d share some things I’ve noticed in WoD beta.

Druids are getting a whole crap load of changes and a couple that I noticed right off is the new animation for eclipse (an actual moon {like the one in this screenshot} pops up over your head) now that is either one, very distracting or two, quite unattractive — I can’t quite decide yet. The Glyph of Stars which is one of my most favorite cosmetics glyphs — makes balance druids look more ghostlike now. The glyph is really just for people like me who hate the moonkin form covering up transmogs – haha. Another thing I noticed is that moonfire and sunfire have been combined. I’m not sure that’s a good thing but I like it!


How many time have you found yourself saying you wish there was a portal to the Isle of Thunder? LOTS!!

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Insane in the Membrane

Yep, I finally did it!


I don’t remember exactly when I started grinding this ‘feat of strength’ achievement but it was at least three years ago because I finished Shren’dalar before it was removed from the long list of needed reputations.


Actually I think I started this well before 2011 because I was one of those fanatics who spent months grinding out Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation all the way through exalted by killing Jazzrik for a measly 5 points each kill — long before the Cataclysm. I’ve managed to even preserve my exalted standings with Bloodsail Buccaneers — pity that’s not a feat of strength too!

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