#IcecrownChallenge Support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention!

The Icecrown Challenge 2015

The Icecrown Challenge 2015In 2008 I lost my son in law, officially it wasn’t a suicide, but I still find myself in deep grief knowing he had lost all hope and given in to despair, thereby I believe dieing from a broken heart.

Like most others I find it really hard accepting that we’ve lost another person when I read about another suicide in the WoW community or a celebrity that has taken their own life. I’m immediately pulled back into that grief all over again.

So when I saw The Nealls post about #IcecrownChallenge I knew I had to do my part and take the challenge to help support this great organization who already does so much to help those in need of suicide prevention.

As part of the challenge I’m supposed to tag 3 other people to do it as well, but I really do not want to make anyone feel like they have to by putting them on the spot. So if you’re here reading my post and you want to participate, please do so. And if not that’s ok, you can still donate. The event runs December 15, 2015 thru January 15, 2016. To learn more, you can visit the links below.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
The Icecrown Challenge
Donation Page

Feast of Winter Veil 2015

Feast of Winter Veil starts today Dec 16th and runs through Jan 2nd. So you might be wondering, What’s New? The short answer … A Lot!

Wondering how to get the new mount? Do the new daily quest available in your garrison and save those Merry Supplies for purchasing the Savage Gift which has a chance to drop the mount!

New garrison decorations will be available.  Merry Supplies can be acquired by completing 4 daily quests. You pick these quests up in your Garrison and they send you to Frostfire Ridge. It will take 5 days of questing on one character to get all five decorations. You will turn in these new daily quests in to  Izzy Hollyfizzle whose also the decorations vendor.

Wondering where to find the new pet? The questing area has snow piles which can contain the following:  Huge Snowball,  Savage Snowball,  Snowball, and  Yellow Snowball. There is also a small chance to find the Grumpling pet inside a snow pile!

Looks to be many surprises this season, old quest with new rewards (and some not so new but back again) so your going to want to do everything! With SO MUCH MORE information available but NOT included here let me point you to Wowhead for the Feast of Winter Veil Guide.

Darkmoon Faire Quest – Faded Treasure Map

Are you leveling new characters?

Want to be able to ride around while on your new toons?

You need heirlooms!

Check this out, if your character is at least level 15 you can go out to the Darkmoon Faire and purchase the [Faded Treasure Map] from Galissa Sundew. You will need100  Darkmoon Daggermaw which can be fished up in the waters surrounding Darkmoon Island. FYI these fish can ALSO be sold/bought through the Auction House.

This item starts the quest Silas’ Secret Stash. You’ll need to find five clues (in the correct order) leading to some nice rewards including 100 [Darkmoon Prize Tickets].

What’s so special about these tickets? WELL You can purchase heirlooms with them, among many other things!

A very simple guide showing every clue and where to find the treasure, with brief commentary. Have fun!

AddOn: WeakAura 2 – You Need PePe

A friend of mine, Barlafumble, told me about this importable weakaura sting that will remind me to take PePe with me everywhere. Thank you!!

Import the string below and a PePe Icon will let you know when you don’t have Pepe on your head!


Achievement: I Found Pepe!

I Found Pepe! I Found Pepe! Find I Found Pepe! Pepe wearing his viking, ninja, knight, and pirate outfits to obtain this achievement. You must click on all 4 within 60 minutes to obtain the buff and achievement.

Note you cannot use a macro to target him. When you click on the Pepe in each zone you will get a 1 hour buff that puts that specific Pepe model on your head. You must click on the Pepe to gain credit towards the achievement – simply locating him does not count.

In addition, when you click on each Pepe you receive an item specific to that Pepe. These items will be consumed when used allowing Pepe to sometimes appear as that model when summoned in the future. This applies to both the summoned ‘Toy’ Pepe and the clickable Garrison Pepe.

A Tiny Pirate Hat

Spires of Arak: A Tiny Pirate Hat – – 54.1, 83.6 Take the Pinchwhistle Gearworks FP and fly straight across the peninsula, aiming to the right of the peak. Near the coast, there’s a little set of Arrakoa ruins. Pepe’s sitting right in the inside corner, behind a hostile lvl 97 hydra.

A Tiny Plated Helm

Talador: A Tiny Plated Helm – – 51.0, 63.3 Sitting on a chest INSIDE a Draenei shelter/tent to Artificer Iona’s left side. Take the Exarch’s Refuge FP and go to the niche just to the east of Auchindoun’s northernmost point.

A Tiny Viking Helmet

Nagrand: A Tiny Viking Helmet – – 80.1, 50.4 Right next to the FP at the Ring of Trials, sitting on a crate next to the goblin “cook”.

A Tiny Ninja Shroud

Gorgrond: A Tiny Ninja Shroud – – 47.5, 41.3 Just south of The Pit (the large black lava flow south of the Iron Docks). Equidistant between the Skysea Point and Everbloom Wilds FPs. Look for a small orc camp with three tents. He’s sitting on a chair inside the center one. Watch out for Rolkor, a hostile lvl 93 gronn giant who has presumably destroyed the place and killed the orcs.

Source: Thanks goes to several commenters on wowhead for sharing bits and pieces of the details for completing this achievement!

And for you TomTom users here’s the macro:

/way Spires of Arak 54.1, 83.6 Pirate Pepe
/way talador 51, 63.3 Knight Pepe
/way Gorgrond 47.5, 41.3 Ninja Pepe
/way Nagrand:Draenor 80.1, 50.4 Viking Pepe



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