The Field Photographer Achievement Part1

What a fine day yesterday was… I really should have been outdoors (for realz). But nope instead I’m working on the Field Photographer achievement finally.


Assuming it’ll be optimized, we’re using Zygor’s Guide for our traveling route. It starts off in Moonglade, easy for me since I went on my druid but just a lil’bit of a ride for Barla since she went on her mage, haha.


Now we’re off to Nordrasil in Hyjal (the zone not the raid).

Here we detoured back to Winterspring to pick up the Music Scroll: Music Roll: Mountains. And since we were near-by we took another detour over to Darnassus to pick up Music Roll: Shalandis Isle and Ashenvale for the Music Roll: Magic.


Now the route takes a slight turn and head towards the troll zone Echo Isles in the southeast corner of Durator. You may want to take a flight over to Ratchett and then use your flying mount to get over to the Isles. Be careful where you stand or you might find yourself dead .. right Barla ..


From there, we took a mage port to Theramore Isle and back tracked to Onyxia’s Lair. Pfffft no mount, sorry Barla.


Now don’t make our mistake and port to Northrend haha. Just head on over to Ungoro Crater to the The Shapers Terrace found in the eastern part of the zone in the mountains.


From there we took off too Dalaran and once there we went thru the portal to The Caverns of Time. I LuV this place .. I remember sneaking in thru a crack before it was even populated with NPCs and having a look around… shhhh don’t tell the GMs.


It was quicker to take a flight towards our next destination; The Halls of Origination found in southern Uldum. We didn’t need to actually enter the dungeon to take the screenshot but umm some people did anyway haha.

Field_Photographer_Scarab Dais

Another flight to Silithus where we turned and flew south the see the Scarab Dais down by AQ20/40. If you we’re around in vanilla you may well remember the ringing of the gong to signify the gates opening.


Next was The Twin Colossal in Feralas. I haven’t gone to see these twin giants in quite some time. It brings back fond memories of days long gone when we used to party atop the Colossal – swimming and mucking about.


Once upon a time the only way up to the top of this mountain was by talking to a NPC at the bottom. And if you talk to the NPC at the top he gives you a parachute for your jump down. I’ve always been reminded of Devils Tower when here.

To be continued …

IF your a TomTom user I found the following set of way points for Kalimdor via Wowhead.

/way Moonglade 44 47 Moonglade
/way Mount Hyjal 62 21 Nordrassil
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(606,0,0.62,0.21,{title=”Nordrassil”})
/way Durotar 45 10 Orgrimmar
/way Durotar 38 46 Echo Isles
/way Dustwallow Marsh 52 76 Onyxia’s Lair
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(141,0,0.52,0.76,{title=”Onyxia’s Lair”})
/way Tanaris 61 50 Caverns of Time
/way Uldum 72 50 Halls of Origination
/run TomTom:AddMFWaypoint(720,0,0.72,0.50,{title=”Halls of Origination”})
/way Un’Goro Crater 48 9 The Shaper’s Terrace
/way Silithus 33 81 The Scarab Dais
/way Feralas 48 16 The Twin Colossals

#50shadesofwarcraft Days 21 – 22 Pale Rose & Sand

Posting day 21 & day 22 of the #50shadesofwarcraft bloggers challenge. Are you up to the challenge?


Hidden among the clouds above Uldum lies the dungeon The Vortex Pinnacle and the raid Throne of Four Winds floats near by as well. Uldum isn’t one of my favorite questing zones and it is THE most AWEsomely designed zone IMO.


Who didn’t like the Egyptian theme?

#50shadesofwarcraft Day Eight: White

Posting day 8 of the #50shadesofwarcraft bloggers challenge. Are you up to the challenge?

Today I’m going with someone rather than somewhere …


Magni Bronzebeard, who btw is rocking that diamond look, can be found in old Ironforge.

The Explorer’s League found a set of tables with an Inscription for an ancient ritual, possibly of Titanic origin, that promised to make the speaker “one with the earth.” When the Cataclysm started, the Earth Elements around Ironforge were especially unruly. Magni, in desperation, decided to perform the ritual in hopes of communicating with them and calming them. Unfortunately, the ritual was very literal, and he turned into earth instead – specifically, into a solid formation of diamond.


Some places you might want to explore for white might include; Ironforge, Dun Morogh  comes to mind immediately but there’s also Winterspring and a small snow covered area in Hillsbrad Foothills. Oh and let’s not forget the newest snow covered zone, Frostfire Ridge.

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