Timeless Isle: Going To Need A Bigger Bag (Cont’d)


It’s been awhile since I updated my list of items needed for the achieve “Going To Need A Bigger Bag“. My list of items ‘needed’ has shrunk quite a bit as you can see here. Pretty good, I think, especially considering I only started working on it again recently. Of course, I would have preferred finishing it before the account wide ticks started but I didn’t and I’m not going to stop now just because …. so these are the items I still need to collect. I must say to those of you who did get this done on ONE single character — my hats off to ya!!

Looks like for the most part I’m looking at farming named rares not just mobs anymore.


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Farming Oshu’gun Crystal Powder Sample – Guide

Farming out the [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample] I need from Nagrand to purchase my last mount from Halaa. Since this item can drop off nearly any mob here I tried a few prime spots but ultimately the best place I found was the Forge Camps. I simply rounded up the groups of Gan’arg Tinkerer’s and AOEd. They drop like flies – fast so it only took maybe 30 minutes to collect my stack of ninety [Oshu'gun Crystal Powder Sample] which stack upto 100.


There are two mounts available from Halaa [Dark Riding Talbuk] and [Dark War Talbuk] and now that I have both I’m upto 198 mounts.

Dark Riding and Dark War Talbuk Rare Mount Guide

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Warlock Green Fire Quest – Guide

I did it! It took more than five hours to get the pattern down and finally complete the quest but now I can mark the ‘Green Fire” quest off my ‘To Do List‘. WooOOooT!!


Here are a few tips for you if your still banging your head on this quest.

  • Addons: LittleWigs, gives you some important timers such as Chaos Bolt and a warning for each summon phase Imps, Fel Hunters, ect ect. Note this does require also installing BigWigs Bossmods.
  • Talents: [Soul Leech], [Shadowfury], [Sacrificial Pact], [Unbound Will], [Grimoire of Sacrifice], and [Kil'jaeden's Cunning].
  • Glyphs: Glyph of Siphon Life, Healthstone, Havoc, and Enslave Demon


  • Enslave: Enslave the pit lord, this macro makes it easier to recast enslave by double clicking which will both dismiss and then re-enslave your pit lord. I used this before the Fel Hunters phase but most people use it just before before the Doom Lord phase.
    • /script PetDismiss()
      /target Pit Lord
      /cast Enslave Demon
  • Shield: This is really for those OMG IM GONNA DIE moments but I found that I used it on every other chaos bolt alternating with Demonic Circle Teleport. Before the fight started, I had placed the Demonic Circle behind the pillar on the right side of Kanrethad’s gateway.
    • #showtooltip Sacrificial Pact
      /cast Twilight Ward
      /cast Sacrificial Pact
      /cast Unending Resolve
  • Fear: Using this macro the second the Pit Lord arrives gives you upto 20 seconds more to just pound DPS onto Kanrethad.
    • /target Pit Lord
      /cast Fear

The Fight

I started by summoning and sacrificing the Imp which gives [Singe Magic] adding a second cleanse for Kanrethad’s nasty curses. Before the fight starts, I place the Demonic Circle behind the pillar on the right side of Kanrethad’s gateway. I also place a Demonic Gateway close to the pillar where my Demonic Circle hides to the opposite side of Kanrethad’s gateway (you will want to reach that side quickly later). Soulstone yourself.


Start the fight, position yourself close enough to be able to use Demonic Circle Teleport just before Kanrethad’s first chaos bolt finishes casting. Pewpew on Kanrethad hard, use your Doomguard too. As soon as the last tick of Kanrethad’s summon Pit Lord drops hit your Fear macro, this gives you upto 20 more seconds to DPS Kanrethad. When the Pit Lord heads back toward you, hit your Enslave Macro, target Kanrethad and hit attack on the Pit Lords pet bar.

Use your healthstones and the healing spell from your Pit Lords pet bar to keep yourself healed – [Embertap] only if your about to die.

When [Cataclysm] is cast by Kanrethad it needs to immediately be interrupted using [Charge] on the Pit Lords pet bar.

When [Chaos Bolt] is cast by Kanrethad swap using Demonic Circle Teleport every other time with using your Shield macro.

IF you die pop your [Soulstone] and immediately re-enslave your Pit Lord.

Imp Phase: Position yourself close to Kanrethad’s gateway, with Kanrethad on your left and the Pit Lord behind him – facing you and Kanrethad’s gateway. Lay down Rain of Fire x2, cast Shadowfury on top of the Imps, have your Pit Lord breath (on the pet bar) > the fire breath should hit the Imps. I continued with [Rain of Fire] and the Pit Lords bad breath but others prefer using [Fire and Brimstone], [Immolate], [Incinerate], and [Conflagration] on the Imps. As soon as the Imps are dead, jump to the other gateway (to the left side of Kanrethad’s gateway).

DON’T FORGET TO WATCH OUT for Kanrethad to cast [Chaos Bolt] or [Cataclysm] use the strategies I outlined above. Use the Pit Lords healing spell (pet bar) and Healthstones.

Fel Hunter Phase: As soon as you see Kanrethad casting Fel Hunter, use the Pit Lords healing ability then double click your Enslave macro (releasing and re-enslaving the Pit Lord). Now quickly move (ctrl+3) your Pit Lord to stay behind Kanrethad’s gateway (left side – where you should be if you placed your gateway correctly). Run out in front and away from Kanrethad gateway (away from your hidden Pit Lord – Fel Hunters will dispel [Enslave] if the see him). Cast a [Rain of Fire] in front of Kanrethad’s gateway (to get the Fel Hunters attention immediately). Target the first Fel Hunter (there will be three) and cast [Havoc] followed by as many [Chaos Bolt] as you have. DPS them all down one at a time — they must die quickly.

DON’T FORGET TO WATCH OUT for Kanrethad to cast [Chaos Bolt] or [Cataclysm] use the strategies I outlined above. Use the Pit Lords healing spell (pet bar) and Healthstones.

Doom Lord Phase: Have your Pit Lord attack the Doom Lord then have him go back to Kanrethad. Use [SoulShatter] then continue pounding DPS at Kanrethad

Now if you managed to stay alive this long your did awesome. Depending on your DPS you are probably even done. But if your DPS is a little low then you may get another round of the phases –> Imps, Fel Hunters, and Doom Lord. Don’t Give Up, you can do this!!!

Warlock green fire quest guide 5.4 Video

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Leveling my Garrison on Beta

I know I have a long ‘To Do List” but I just could not help myself, I decided to spend my day off from raiding in beta! I’ve been thinking a lot lately that I should go back and level at least once through to the level 100 cap just so I’ll have a better idea what I’m doing once the expansion hits on Nov 13th. I would have already done this but it seems like every time I log in I have to start over because some update included a full-wipe of current characters. I am not one of the people who have the patience to continue banging my head on that wall.

Anyway, six bars into level 92 I got my first set of garrison blueprints. My character is a leatherworker and skinner and has been skinning the whole way through leveling thus far. I don’t know if it was coincidence or what but these are the The Tannery plans. The scroll is [Draenor Leatherworking]. It allows the LW skill to goto 700. It also automatically taught several new patterns. I noticed one new item I can now make is [Burnished Leather]. I know a new leather is not strange at all – it’s to be expected actually. What is strange, I thought, is instead of having scraps to make this leather it requires an herbalism item [Grogrond Flytrap] along with twenty [Raw Beast Hide]. Why do we need herbalism items to make our main leather for Warlords? Maybe it’ll change … I hope so. In the mean time, these flowers can be purchased from the auction house.

garrison plans tannery

To remind myself later; I’m in Shadowmoon Valley {4/7 chapters} and the vendor is Fanara. My next set of blueprints came not much later (just three bars later) when after being sent back to my garrison Baros Alexton offered the plans to move my garrison into tier 2. This time I actually got the blueprints to all but one building making my previous tannery blueprints redundant since I hadn’t gone back to the garrison to use them yet.

Something I noticed while skinning everything I passed by, Blizz gave skin-able kills a glowing edge effect. But if someone doesn’t loot their kills then there’s NOT one, saves time by just skipping those! My garrison is called “Lunarfall” I LOVE it!!

garrison plans tier 2

By this point I’ve got five followers and have completed a couple missions with them. Mostly I’ve been out questing myself, so I haven’t been back to the garrison unless requested to do so.

Since I haven’t played enough to have a sound strategy when it comes which buildings to build first in my garrison I went with the following;

  • Barracks (large) – (Tier 1) Unlocks patrol missions. Patrol missions have higher than normal follower experience rewards. (Tier 2) Allows a follower with the bodyguard trait to accompany you as a guardian in Draenor zones. (Tier 3) Increases your follower limit by 5 and grants access to racial guards and banners.
  • The Trading Post (medium) – (Tier 1) Allows the trade of crafting reagents for garrison resources and visa-verse, for a profit! (Tier 2) Grants access to the Sha’tari Defense or Laughing Skull factions. Unlocks the ability to acquire parts from around Draenor to build an auctioneer. (Tier 3) Increases reputation gain in Draenor by 20%.
  • The Tannery (small) – (Tier 1) Allows the production of leatherworking items and work orders. (Tier 2) Allows followers with the leatherworking trait to work here granting a unique bonus. Also allows up to 3 work orders at one time. (Tier 3) Allows up to 5 work orders at one time.
  • Storehouse (small) – (Tier 1) Enables access to your personal bank and increases the total number of active work orders for all buildings by 1. (Tier 2) Enables access to your guild bank. (Tier 3) Enables access to an Ethereal Trader for void storage and transmogrification and increases the total number of active work orders for all buildings by 2.

Looks like choosing the tannery for my leatherworker was spot on. Did two work orders and got 5 [Burnished Leather] now I’ve started two more which will take 19 hours to complete. Once the tannery is tier two I believe the time will be less for completion. The trading post missions want [Starflower] and since I’m not an herbalist on this toon I don’t have any dangit. I know I saw auctioneers somewhere out here while questing but dang if I can find them now!! Now I could buy the [Starflower] from Trader Krixel Pinchwhistle but I don’t know if it’s worth the trade. His price is 40 [Garrison Resources] for 5 [Starflower] and I need 20 total. But I might-as-well try it I guess.

15 Ways To Prepare For Warlords of Draenor & Patch 6.0

WoD News: Overview Of Patch 6.0 PTR (Warlords of Draenor Pre Patch)

The In Game Robin Williams Tribute – Warlords of Draenor Beta

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Note To Self

note to self

I’m finding my ‘To Do’ list is still so long it’s really unmanageable as in it seems like nothing is ever truly done enough to scratch anything off. Now keep in mind, there are several categories to my list; work in progress, want to do, and I’ll go back to it some-day!

Things I want to do or finish before Warlords (WoD) is complete legendary cloaks on all my toons. Blizz gave us this great buff ‘Gaze of the Black Prince’ and it just seems like a horrible waste not to take advantage of it. Currently I have seven cloaks complete, two more on the last stages of the quest-line, and my warrior is now half-way to level eighty-eight. My monk and what I would figure should be my last toon to complete the legendary cloak is probably going to fail because I can not seem to get motivated enough to even  level one. So really that’s two goals; part one is to have all 11 classes at level 90 and part two is have all of them wearing legendary cloaks. Since I do a lot of flex while working the legendary quest-line all my toons would (or should) start WoD with somewhere around the 560 ilevel range which covers goal three of having them all decently geared.

I am only rank 7 at the Brawlers Guild and I believe someone said if you get rank 10 before 6.0 it becomes a ‘Feat of Strength’. My warlock is still on the ‘green fire’ quest and not having ANY luck getting past Kanrethad. Completing that quest chain before 6.0 also becomes a ‘Feat of Strength’. AND I want to finish the achievements on Timeless Isle because I’m figuring it will be pretty much abandoned come Warlords and it will be almost impossible to down some of those rares without help. One more thing to note is it’s being said that you will need ‘silver’ in proving grounds on every toon you plan to take into heroic dungeons in Warlords – well add that to my list because I only have it done on one toon.

To Do List: ‘30 Day Challenge‘ ‘Going To Need A Bigger Bag‘ ‘Transmog‘ ‘Proving Grounds‘ and ‘Dress Up Challenge‘.

Speaking of things I want to do before WoD, challenge modes are really high-up on my list. Time is running out so I may just have to post some CMD runs on openraid and hope for the best. I have a mage and shaman I think would do well in CMDs. There are a lot of good guides out there but mainly it’s getting gear with the most sockets because gems unlike armor do have ‘scale down’ in CMDs. When I say a lot of sockets I’ve been told twenty plus sockets. FYI the legendary meta gem does not work so you need a regular meta gem.

Otherwise just a few odd and ends that have been on my ‘to do’ like forever … farm specific mounts, armor sets, ect ect. level a lot more battle pets. Finish collecting all four of the Celestial Tournament pets.

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Soloing the Spirit of the Storm Lord

If your a regular visitor here then you know I’ve been slowly working thru my harem of toons collecting the legendary cloaks – seven completed thus far. Early this week I got my death knight thru the ‘Spirit of the Stormlord’ portion of the legendary quest-line and now just today my paladin.

Now so far I’ve found it fairly simple to solo this quest on most toons but for my ret paladin it wasn’t so easy. The objection is to thrust a spear into world boss Nalak and stay alive long enough to complete the quest. I used the tips in the video below, it took a few tries to get the Shado-Pan to engage Nalak and I did have to throw the spear a 2nd time after getting clear of the Throne of Thunder entrance. Nalak despawned after killing all the Shado-Pan and my killing off the spirit simply completed the quest.

How to solo nalak, for the legendary questline.

To see video links for solo’n Spirit of the Storm Lord for other classes check out the following post. [Shaman] [Hunter] [Priest] [Warlock]

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