Weekly Review: In Pictures!

I was cruising some warcraft blogs this morning and read Tomes “Illustrated Week in Warlords Review” post and I thought I need to do that! I haven’t posted much at all in months really so maybe it’s time! Since I didn’t plan this ahead of time and haven’t really done many screens lately I choose from what I had available.

target dummies revenge

Target Dummies Revenge, sounds like a bad movie title right? This was my first time using my very own Lvl 3 garrison target dummies and you can imagine my surprise when I saw myself go down!! It’s truly hilarious when you think about how many times those poor target dummies “overall” have been beaten down to now being able to DISH IT OUT!

The Gunpowder Plot

Unlike some people I know, I never could really get this to work as I had hoped. What your looking at above is actually three, yes three screenshots layered onto one another in order to see the full effect “My name in fire!” If your curious this is a quest in the Draenor beginner zone “The Gunpowder Plot“.

jarrod hamby

Have you seen this man … errr’a GHOST? If you’ve done the quest chain to retrieve Shelly Hamby as your follower then you should remember her husband Jarrod Hamby who dies along with his fellow lumberjacks at the hands of those horrid poddlings in Gromeshade Grove. Poor guy … it’s quite sad that bringing Shelly on patrol to meet up with him does nothing. I had hoped to at least give him closure.

Delvar Ironfist

Thanks to some tips from fellow guildies I have my first “Wingman” Delvar Ironfist. I spent a little less than an hour getting the 20K rep at 10 points per kill in Grogond killing grubs mostly. Check out these bodyguard rep farming videos for some good spots to get yours.

So that’s my week in pictures! Now what have you-all been upto huh …

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One Button DPS Macros for WOD 6.0.3 using Gnome Sequencer

With the changes made in 6.0 there’s a new wave of DPS macro’s out there. The addon required is called GnomeSequencer. I’ve been playing around with this addon and so far so good however I HIGHLY suggest you download and install Notepad++ to edit the sequences file. Otherwise your editor will most likely not save the coding correctly and you will spend way too long trying to figure out why something so simple isn’t working 4u.

You can find the gnome-sequencer code for all classes and specs here.

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World of Warcraft Dances

Feb 2012 – A compilation of all the dances there are in the World of Warcraft. A good portion of them already existed but not all so the video author made and included both Undead, Trolls, Gnomes, Worgens, Male goblin, Female draenei, Female human, Female orc, and the Female tauren dances.

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The History of World of Warcraft 2001 – Today

What a long, strange trip it’s been…

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Have the new WoD character models grown on you?


This morning I noticed this video on my bnet browser and had quite the giggle over my cup of tea. So now I’m wondering .. it’s been more than a couple weeks since 6.0 went live and that’s plenty of time to form an opinion about the new characters models. SO I have a question ..

Have the new WoD character models grown on you?

Lemmy the Gnome in “Gnomo-plasty”!

I eventually turned all my new models on (you can turn them off/on in your graphic settings) but I’m still not happy at all with the dwarf’s. Dwarf people already have a hard life so did Blizzard really need to make nearly all the new models dopey eyed as if they’ve been afflicted with Downs Syndrome? And why is it only the new female model!?!

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Weeping Angels

I wondered into a cave in Talador and for a moment I thought I’d walked into a Dr. Who episode! The path up starts at 27.3 76.0 on the coast west of the Auchindoun. Theres a chest here that will spawn if you face them all away from the center tile.

The Weeping Angels attack! – Doctor Who – Blink – Series 3 – BBC

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