I love Blizzard 50% Sales!

I hate when I’m going thru my battle pets and I see pet’s I once owned but are long gone now like the Mini Diablo, Panda Cub, Zergling, and Netherwhelp! Or the Vampiric Batling which can NEVER be replaced since it was from an event long ago.

OR pet’s that I simply missed the opportunity to get like Mini Thor. My daughter surprised me with StarCraft® II for my birthday =)

But now thanks to the heads-up from Cymre I am now the proud owner of not only Mini Thor but also Zeradar from the Legacy of the Void™.

It’s time to bring the thunder with your new Mini Thor!

StarCraft® II

From: Breanni
Subject: Power Overwhelming!


I’ve never seen a pet with such overwhelming power before! I tried to ask it where it came from and what it wants, but all it said was “THE MERGING IS COMPLETE” and then started assaulting nearby squirrels.

A hero of your stature would surely know some tricks to contain this magical monstrosity!


I first purchased the standard copy of Legacy of the Void™ which qualified me to then purchase “The Complete Trilogy” package at a discounted $40 instead of the $99.99 all together I spent about $75 for the Digital Deluxe copy of both Wings of Liberty® and Legacy of the Void™ including all the goodies. StarCraft® II is on sale thru May 18th!

Now I at least have hope to one day get the Fetish Shaman from the Diablo® III DD copy when it comes on sale again. Now if only Blizzard would offer sales on the older expansions as digital deluxe packages … not likely.

World of Warcraft: Gold Guide

Do you take advantage of the WoW Tokens?

I didn’t for quite some time, but I have learned the error of my ways! So these last six months I’ve kept my $30 and instead bought tokens for my game time.

With Legion just around the corner I’ve been pushing to finally save my first 1M gold (I’m slightly more than 50% of the way now) so when I hear about an easy gold making guide I rush out to check it out! Ok, so here’s an easy way to make gold flipping Alchemical Catalysts and True Iron Ore to Make Draenic Philosopher’s Stones in only a few minutes. Great for when your short only a few thousand gold to buy your next WoWToken.

Don’t have alchemy? Try this tailoring gold making guide, flipping Windwool Cloth.

Don’t have tailoring? Here’s a leatherworking gold making guide, flipping Exotic Leather.

Transmog 2.0 | Legion

There’s a fairly new addon available at curse called Legion Wardrobe and if you haven’t seen it have a look at Asmongold’s & Cyrme’s videos below.

Asmongold – Legion Video – How to get an Early Start on Legion’s New Transmog Wardrobe System.

Cymre – A look at Legion Wardrobe and the new title for transmog. – This addon allows you to see all the pieces you’ve collected before prepatch 7.0 hits live servers.

How to Take Good Screenshots?

Un'Goro Crater

If your a regular visitor to my blog then you know I love screenshots! I’ve been asked more than a few times how I take my screenshots so I thought I’d write up a quick post giving some simple tips.

  1. How do you take a screenshot?
  2. How do you turn your UI off to take a screenshot?
  3. How do you turn player names off or on?
  4. Where are my screenshots being saved?

Q. How do you take a screenshot?
A. I press the “Print Screen” button my keyboard, actually my button says “Prt Scr”on my keyboard.

Q. How do you turn your UI off to take a screenshot?
A. Hold the ALT key down and press Z to turn your UI Off or On.

Q. How do you turn names off?
A. Goto your Interface settings (press Esc) and look for Names. Uncheck the box beside “My Name”. You’ll notice you can also turn “Titles” “Guild Names” and “Friendly” or “Enemy” Players names On or Off by adding or removing these checks.

Q. Where are screenshots saved?
A. It’s been my experience that by default WoW adds a new folder into the install folder named Screenshots. For example C:/Program Files/World of Warcraft/Screenshots

Un'Goro Crater

Additional Tips for Taking Good Screenshots

Get your Limited Edition World of Warcraft Cups Set of 4 from Amazon today!Get an engineer to make you Ornate Spyglass. This item can be used by anyone not just engineers. You can take some amazing self shots if you use the spyglass then use the sit emote then stand up emote.. It then allows you to zoom in on your character without him or her fading away up close.

I use PaintShop Pro to edit my screenshots but you could easily use any graphics software including the free program Gimp. If your taking screenshots in World of Warcraft you you may want to adjust the Brightness/Contrast about 25%  if your screens seem a little too dark.

And for even more suggestions check out this Blizzard Watch Guide for several awesome tips on polishing your screenshots!

Secret Cow Level Opens – Diablo III

When you visited the Immortal Throne in the Ruins of Sescheron in the past, a message saying “The time is not right.” would appear. Apparently, the time is right now!

The Immortal Throne

During the month of March, the torches will light up on the path there and Chief Elder Kanai’s spirit will rise from his throne to open a portal. This portal will lead to Kanai’s Stomping Grounds, a version of the cow level, just without the cow queen or the abundance of chests. Inside, Kanai’s spirit will help you slay the bovine beasts in typical Barbarian fashion.

The Immortal Throne

The  cow level can be found by going to the Immortal Throne found in Act III Ruins of Sescheron. While this dungeon is randomly generated the throne room can always be found in the west-northwest map of the sanctum.

It’s worth checking out the event quickly, especially if you haven’t seen the cow level yet because according to Blizzard community manager Nevalistis, the portal to Kanai’s Stomping Grounds will be gone by the end of March.

Check out this video by YouTuber MadTom:

The Kanai event has actually been present since Patch 2.4.0 launched, but is only available during March – the real world birth month of Kevin Kanai Griffith, the artist for whom Kanai’s Cube (and King Kanai) is named.

For those of you who may not know, Kevin was a talented and dedicated member of the Diablo III development team who passed away in October of 2014 from a rare form of cancer. If you’d like to read more about Kevin, we included a short biography of his contributions to Diablo (and Blizzard as a whole) in the Kanai’s Cube preview.

This event is a chance for folks to get to adventure with Kanai one more time. We hope you enjoy the opportunity as much as we do.

#Legion Alpha – Druid (#3) – Class Hall

Continuing my druids journey in Legion Alpha


My journey continues in the middle of the heart Val’sharah. This is the sanctuary of the druids where the corrupted world tree Shaladrassil, in addition to other known threats from the Burning Legion, spreads surreptitiously   ie: The nightmare.


As The Nightmare continues to spread far and wide I find myself fighting Harpies as well as many of the other Nightmare corrupted inhabitants of Val’sharah and even beyond.


As seen below in this quest reward I have come across the first few quest to upgrade my artifact weapon: Scythe of Elune.

Quest: Desperate Vigil

I don’t feel as if I’ve done very many quest here in Val’sharah but as I look to be 3/4 of the way to level 102 I acknowledge once again, time can be deceiving .

It’s been my past experience that each zone should be good for approximately two levels each. I expect the leveling to be similar throughout The Broken Isles which is made of five new questing areas: Val’sharah, Highmountain, Stormheim, Suramar, and Azsuna.

Still wondering about the Druid Class Hall?

Only druids have access to the Dream Grove, accessed after they help Remulos clear the Emerald Dreamway of the taint of the Emerald Nightmare. Once their Order Hall has been established, druids can either teleport to the Dream Grove using Dreamwalk or take the Dreamway. Alternatively, a path along the coast of the Val’sharah coastline runs from the temple of Elune all the way to the Dreamgrove

Druid Class Hall

While this may look like a garden it appears to be more of a gallery of sorts featuring incarnations of the druid artifact weapon.

Druid Class Hall

The Seed of Ages, seen below, is the druids way to upgrade their artifact weapons using artifact points. Besides quest rewards as you kill the corrupted inhabitants around the Broken Isle you may randomly loot items which reward anywhere from 50 to 250 artifact points.

Druid Class Hall - Seed of Ages

I hadn’t used any of my looted artifact upgrade items up until this point so I had a good few saved,  950 artifact points to be exact. Turning in my quest rewarded the first trait (New Moon) in my Traits Tab from there I was able to spend my points to open more connecting traits.

Seen below I’ve opened Skywraith, Falling Star, and Touch of the Moon. Notice how some traits have the option to upgrade more than once? Level one being 150 points, level 2 being 250 points, and level 3 being 300 points. You can see below I’ve upgraded Touch of the Moon 2/3.

Druid Class Hall

The new Class Halls will be Legion’s replacement to WoD’s Garrisons. Class Halls are for specific classes of both factions to hang out with others players of the same class. They’ll be able to pickup quests from well-known NPCs of their class and progress on their artifact weapons.

I know some of you will be disappointed and others will rejoice BUT currently the ONLY thing I’ve seen in or around the Druid Class Hall that even slightly resembles the Garrison is that we still have a Mission Table, well in Legion it’s a Mission Map.

Of course just remember that this is Alpha content and everything seen here is subject to possible changes before #Legion is officially released.

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