Guide To Gearing Level 90 Alts FAST in Patch 6.0

With currency changes in the prepatch 6.0.2 and an item level requirement for the special version of UBRS, put together a guide on some easy new ways to get gear. Here are the highlights …

Blasted Lands Quests
Completing the Level 90 Blasted Lands Quests rewards several pieces of gear.

  • 515 rings: Invader’s Scarlet Seal, Portal-Breaker’s Band, Blackstone Signet, Ruby-Eye Seal, Sapphire Seal
  • 515 necks: Skulltooth Collar, Necklace of Celerity, Gnawing Tooth, Emberfury Choker, Chain of Evasion
  • 515 cloaks: Wildfire Windcloak, Butcher’s Wrap, Night Prowler’s Cloak, Armswake Greatcloak, Frostshaper Cape
  • 520 trinkets: Talisman of the Invader, Bloodcaster’s Charm, Bladespike Charm, Ironmender’s Totem, Bloodburn Protector

Shado-Pan Assault
Epic ilvl 522 Shado-Pan Assault gear formerly cost Valor points. While most of this gear requires Friendly, each boss in Throne of Thunder (raid) gives 300 reputation and trash gives reputation too from Neutral to Friendly. Plus, you can buy the ilvl 522 neck at Neutral. All slots are covered except weapons, with Shoulders requiring Exalted and probably not that practical for gearing up quickly. Sold by Ao Pye in Townlong Steppes.

PvP Gear
Season 15 Prideful gear (ilvl 550) is now available for Honor Points in the prepatch from Starlight Sinclair and Shonn Su. The season total earned requirement for this gear has been removed.

Several shortcut ways of getting Honor Points have been removed in the prepatch–killing Krasarang rares, converting Justice to Honor Points. To get Honor Points in 6.0.2, you can run battlegrounds (bonus Honor Points from holiday ones), as well as skirmishes. You can also run Tol Barad, for 450 Honor Points per win and the additional 300 Honor Points from Victory in Tol Barad once per week. Wintergrasp is currently bugged, but when repaired, will be a great source for easy honor too.

The special level 90 version of UBRS drops ilvl 550 rings, gloves, chests, and select weapons (click here for loot tables). You can queue multiple times per day.

Garrosh Heirlooms
If you do not have an heirloom yet from Garrosh, you have a 100% chance with the Smash ‘n Grab buff to have an heirloom drop. This is ilvl 556 on Normal, ilvl 569 on Heroic, and ilvl 582 on Mythic. When Warlords of Draenor hits, these heirlooms will scale as you level, capping out at ilvl 620 at level 100. Click here to see all the heirlooms. Do keep in mind that you cannot queue wing by wing for Siege of Orgrimmar now–you either need a partially-cleared old lockout or you’re stick clearing the entirety of Siege of Orgrimmar to reach Garrosh. Also make sure you have the correct loot specialization selected so you get the heirloom you want.

Lesser Charms
You can take 50 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune to the upgrade vendor at the Mists of Pandaria shrines to upgrade your epic gear in 6.0.2, since Valor Points have now gone away. Farming frogs on Timeless Isle seems to be one of the quickest ways of gathering Lesser Charm of Good Fortune.

You can use the new Dungeon Finder in-game to find a Garrosh kill but I highly recommend using instead. Openraid is a crossrealm FREE members website that allows raid leaders to schedule events. You will find Openraid has a lot to offer; farming runs, random achievement runs, pvp events, current/old raids, and Garrosh kills.

Sometimes people find it a little hard to get started with Openraid. My advice would be to signup for random events – be on time with a positive attitude. Leave people positive feedback and high ratings. The better your ratings the more often you will get approved for raids. Find a group or two and sign up weekly for their events. I’ve found raid leaders tend to re-invite people from previous weeks, so finding a group and sticking with them is the way-to-go.

I’d also add that with Hallow’s End currently active you might want to get those Alts into Headless Horsemen and get these ring upgrades while you can! This event runs October 18 – November 1, 2014.

Guide To Gearing lv90 Alts FAST in Patch 6.0.2 (WoD Pre-Patch)

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Garrison Guide 101: What, How and Why!

While questing through Draenor, you’ll encounter opportunities to choose between different types of buildings to add to your Garrison. Each choice will have an impact on your leveling experience, influencing the quests you’ll have available and the zone-specific benefits you’ll unlock upon completion of your chosen structure. Read the official garrisons guides here: part #1 part #2 part #3 and part #4 is not yet been posted.

Warlords of Draenor: Garrison Overview Alliance

Warlords of Draenor: Garrison Overview Horde

[WoW] Garrison Guide 101: What, How and Why!

From what I’ve read your going to want to choose buildings that coincide with your professions. However if you don’t have a particular profession you will still be able to craft epic gear once you’ve leveled your garrison to tier three. And speaking of professions, you will notice when WoD drops that the trainers won’t offer any new training. So how do we get our professions upto 700? Watch the video below …

Warlords of Draenor: Professions and Trade Skills

Garrison Set-up: What Buildings to Pick First

Tier three garrisons even allow gathering without professions! Take the full tier three tour with the videos below.

Horde Fully Upgraded Garrison Tour!

Alliance Fully Upgraded Garrison Tour!

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Bronze Whelpling Farming Guide!

This little whelp may take a while to get your hands on, but can sell for a pretty penny (upwards of 10k on some servers!) if you find the right buyer.

Bronze Whelpling Farming Guide!

TIP: Fellow lvl 90 rogues who are on the quest chain for iron horde achievement – there are 3 named people to kill and collect plans from. If you pick pocket any one of those 3 named mobs, you will loot a purple whistle, that whistle calls forth a merchant, you sell that merchant your other pickpocketed items in exchange for tokens, those tokens turn into 250 gold or something similar in WoD. So GO GET YOUR WHISTLES NOW IF you haven’t already!

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How To Roleplay In World of Warcraft | Basic Guide

I don’t play on a RP server anymore but I can say it was fun while it lasted .. mostly. Here is a basic roleplaying guide for anyone that wants to start.

How To Roleplay In World of Warcraft | Basic Guide

I have some fond memories of RP events I remember taking part in on SWC:

  • Poetry in the Park, which turned out to be Raven Hill in Duskwood.
  • Darnassian wedding in the arches entering Darnassus complete with the full wedding party procession and custom vows.
  • Another wedding set above the water fall in Stranglevale Thorn.
  • And many other smaller events that just seemed to popup unexpectedly like zombie walks, misc parades, ect ect…  A lot of the best roleplay events happen spontaneously.
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Impressions on Live Patch 6.0

Well the patch has been Live almost 24 hours now and here are my first impressions. Right off .. I Hate the night elves new model – let’s face it they now look like clowns from outer space! I’ve had people ask me what I thought about the animations and movement changes but I guess I’m pretty unobservant for the most part because off hand I haven’t noticed a difference or maybe I just can’t look past the glaring ghastly glowing clown faces! And why, WHY, Why would the designers make nelves smile so uncharacteristically while dancing I mean “The Joker” might like it but I think it’s hideous. AND why is the barbershop almost 45 gold just for a face change! I did notice the nelves hearth animation, don’t know if I like it but it reminds of “wax on wax off” haha.


I’ve only managed to log four toons since servers came back online and that because it’s so easy as a ‘wow hoarder’ to get sucked into organizing! Let’s see there’s cleaning out bags to the bank to the new materials bank tab and the new second void storage tab. Then there was the guild vault and manually stacking all the materials in there. My toybox is filling up nicely and already stands at 70 toys thus far. Then onto marking my favorite mounts and perusing my missing mounts for clues about where to get them. In the end, my bank remains full but I managed to not fill up all of void storage (yet). And I now have at least 2 empty royal satchels on my main toons. Yah! But then again is 2 royals bags enough room for the new armor sets on the horizon? Doubtful ..


I feared server crashes with so many people blanketing Blasted Lands but it didn’t happen nor was there people stepping all over each other as in events long past. The Blasted Land event is short and swift. I completed it in twenty minutes or less. I noticed on my druid who completed it first thing, that the only reward was the Iron Starelette battle pet. But today my mage completed it and got several blue items as well… go figure!


The UBRS dungeon is quick but then it’s only three of the five listed bosses available currently. I suggest spending a little time researching class changes (Icy Veins) before queuing, especially if your healer.

All of your gear will return to its pre-reforged state. Hit & expertise caps are gone. Stats are squished. Lots has changed. That means much of your equipped gear might not be the best gear anymore, and something hiding in your bags could be better.
~ askmrrobot


The DPS number crunch is going to take some getting used too. The screenshot below was the new UBRS before I went over to check out the suggested changes to gems and enchants.


I don’t quite understand the loot drop in UBRS. I saw people in my party getting blue items from bosses and I didn’t see anything but grey items and gold on the bosses till the last one which rewarded me with Nightbrace Chestguard.


The gold trade off for justice/valor points has been quite nice so far. I’ve gotten like 3400 gold just off these four toon so far. It’ll be interesting to see what I get all together with more than a dz toons at 90.

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ToDo List Updated

I had a feeling the patch was gonna be the 14th. So I’ve been trying to tick off items from my ‘ToDo List” and for the most part I’m happy with where I am — tonight being the last night prior to Patch 6.0. There we’re a few things I wanted to finish but didn’t quite get done but then there were also a couple unexpected things that I did complete.


I have silver on someone for Proving Grounds but I don’t know who because the achievement seems to be account wide and doesn’t say who earned it. But apparently no one can confirm if we need Proving Grounds now or once we’re level 100 in order to enter Warlords heroics. So I guess we wait and see …

I finished my 9th legendary cloak which was paladin this week. Now if you follow my blog you might have noticed it’s been weeks since I finished my runestones but yet I just this week finally went out and did the follow-up quest. I guess I’ve finally reached the burnout for the cloak quest grind. Too bad I’ve got ONE more to go! My warrior will be on the Lion Roars after patch tomorrow. I really wanted my eleventh class leveled and on the quest but it didn’t happen my monk is just now level forty-five.

I already posted about my warlock getting the green fire quest done, yah! I even posted some suggestions for those who are still banging there head against Black Temple.


Challenge Modes, well it was down to the wire but we got it!! Thanx goes to Barla really because it was her friends that cracked the whip! I chose the Violet Pandaren Phoenix mount of course because it’s purple!! And SURPRISE ..


I’ve been on Timeless Isle 3-4 times a week on various toons for the last month but I’ve only managed to tick off two more items on my Timeless Isle: Going To Need A Bigger Bag achieve. Those rares are just being very stingy!

I’ve previously said that I got to rank 8 in Brawlers Guild. However that’s as far as I’m going because Hexos is a %^&# &$@*^ Boss!! What’s worse is Blizzard knows this so when season two opens rank 9/10 will be gone making getting your season two win much easier than the poor souls who toiled away hours, blood, sweat, and tears getting there Brawler’s Guild mount in season one.

I’m absolutely sure I’m forgetting about something but for the most part I’m logging out tonight having; Valor capped every toon and then spent all that valor on upgrades. I went through every characters quest log and made sure to turn in every random quest item I had for Brawlers Guild. I went through and made sure I had the heirlooms that we’re being removed. While I was at it I also noted that my entire mail agility set is MIA. I sure hope this new heirloom tab shows them present and accounted for because I really don’t want to have to purchase them again. And I have a short list of names I’ll try first thing to see if I can snatch when the server comes online tomorrow.

I subscribed to Wowhead this month, I seriously don’t know why I didn’t do it a long time ago. Those random videos that start talking when you least expect it are so annoying. Especially when you have tons of windows open and can’t find where the voices are coming from! Anyway I wanted to try out the Bag Scanner feature. I’ve only scanned a couple of my toons so far but I plan to do all of them asap. My hope is this tool will be capable of replacing another addon, Altoholic to be specific. I love it but I just have too many add-ons!

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