[WoW] Garrison Guide 101: Herb Garden, Mine, Menagerie, & Fishing Shack


Not covered in my previous post; [WoW] Garrison Guide 101: What, How and Why! OR [WoW] Garrison Guide 101: What Building’s do I Want First? are the four extra garrison plots available to everyone via questlines at different levels; Herb Garden, Lunarfall Excavation, Menagerie, and the Fishing Shack. Get the low-down by clicking the link below >>>

Guide to Garrison Buildings: Herb Garden, Mine, Menagerie, Fishing Shack

There are some of the cool things in store for you when you construct and level up these buildings:


Garrison 101 Guides

[WoW] Garrison Guide 101: What Building’s do I Want First?
[WoW] Garrison Guide 101: What, How and Why!
[WoW] Garrison Guide 101: Herb Garden, Mine, Menagerie, & Fishing Shack

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Pet Battle Add-ons for World of Warcraft

A quick walk-through on four popular battle pet addons that just make pet battles and/or collecting and organizing your battle pets a little easier.

Pet Battle Add-ons for World of Warcraft

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Several Thousand Hearthstone Accounts Banned

What a BAD boy you’ve been! No not me … but apparently thousands of others have been caught breaking the ToS.


Blizzard recently banned several thousand Hearthstone accounts that were associated with the use of third-party programs that automate gameplay, otherwise known as “bots” or “botting.” These accounts will be banned until 2015. As we’ve stated, fair play is at the core of the Hearthstone experience, and cheating and botting will not be tolerated.

We’re committed to creating a fun and rewarding environment for our players, and we will continue to closely monitor activities within Hearthstone and take appropriate action against cheating in any form, as outlined in our Terms of Use. From this point on, accounts found to be cheating will be permanently closed without warning.

Should those who we’re caught cheating be allowed to get their accounts back in 2015 .. what do you think?

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[WoW] Garrison Guide 101: What Building’s do I Want First?

After posting about the garrisons in general I thought it might be helpful to break it down a little more. So this is more a guide to the individual garrison buildings you have to choose from and why some might be of more interest than others.


Constructed on large plots and provide more specialized benefits to the player.

The Barracks unlocks patrol missions, gives the player the ability to hire followers with the bodyguard trait to follow them around Draenor, and grants access to racial guards and banners.

  • Level 1 – Unlocks patrol missions. Patrol missions have higher than normal follower experience rewards. Automatically available.
  • Level 2 – Allows a follower with the bodyguard trait to accompany you as a guardian in Draenor zones. Unlocked after you have reached level 100 or completed the Nagrand zone.
  • Level 3 – Increases your follower limit by 5 and grants access to racial guards and banners. Unlocked by completing the Patrolling Draenor achievement.

[Warlords] Barracks

The Gnomish Gearworks gives players different inventions with varying abilities, such as rocket packs and bombs. It also unlocks a siege engine that can be driven around Draenor once per day.

  • Level 1 – Unlocks a personal engineer that creates a powerful invention each day. Exceptional work!
  • Level 2 – Your engineer gains access to five new and amazing devices.
  • Level 3 – Allows the creation of a siege vehicle once per day. Drive it to victory in Draenor!

[Warlords] Gnomish Gearworks/Goblin Workshop

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How To Tame New Wolf Model Early!

Snatch your shiny, smooth wolf and dps in style before Warlords hits on Nov 13!

How To Tame New Wolf Model Early!

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Guide To Gearing Level 90 Alts FAST in Patch 6.0

With currency changes in the prepatch 6.0.2 and an item level requirement for the special version of UBRS, Wowhead.com put together a guide on some easy new ways to get gear. Here are the highlights …

Blasted Lands Quests
Completing the Level 90 Blasted Lands Quests rewards several pieces of gear.

  • 515 rings: Invader’s Scarlet Seal, Portal-Breaker’s Band, Blackstone Signet, Ruby-Eye Seal, Sapphire Seal
  • 515 necks: Skulltooth Collar, Necklace of Celerity, Gnawing Tooth, Emberfury Choker, Chain of Evasion
  • 515 cloaks: Wildfire Windcloak, Butcher’s Wrap, Night Prowler’s Cloak, Armswake Greatcloak, Frostshaper Cape
  • 520 trinkets: Talisman of the Invader, Bloodcaster’s Charm, Bladespike Charm, Ironmender’s Totem, Bloodburn Protector

Shado-Pan Assault
Epic ilvl 522 Shado-Pan Assault gear formerly cost Valor points. While most of this gear requires Friendly, each boss in Throne of Thunder (raid) gives 300 reputation and trash gives reputation too from Neutral to Friendly. Plus, you can buy the ilvl 522 neck at Neutral. All slots are covered except weapons, with Shoulders requiring Exalted and probably not that practical for gearing up quickly. Sold by Ao Pye in Townlong Steppes.

PvP Gear
Season 15 Prideful gear (ilvl 550) is now available for Honor Points in the prepatch from Starlight Sinclair and Shonn Su. The season total earned requirement for this gear has been removed.

Several shortcut ways of getting Honor Points have been removed in the prepatch–killing Krasarang rares, converting Justice to Honor Points. To get Honor Points in 6.0.2, you can run battlegrounds (bonus Honor Points from holiday ones), as well as skirmishes. You can also run Tol Barad, for 450 Honor Points per win and the additional 300 Honor Points from Victory in Tol Barad once per week. Wintergrasp is currently bugged, but when repaired, will be a great source for easy honor too.

The special level 90 version of UBRS drops ilvl 550 rings, gloves, chests, and select weapons (click here for loot tables). You can queue multiple times per day.

Garrosh Heirlooms
If you do not have an heirloom yet from Garrosh, you have a 100% chance with the Smash ‘n Grab buff to have an heirloom drop. This is ilvl 556 on Normal, ilvl 569 on Heroic, and ilvl 582 on Mythic. When Warlords of Draenor hits, these heirlooms will scale as you level, capping out at ilvl 620 at level 100. Click here to see all the heirlooms. Do keep in mind that you cannot queue wing by wing for Siege of Orgrimmar now–you either need a partially-cleared old lockout or you’re stick clearing the entirety of Siege of Orgrimmar to reach Garrosh. Also make sure you have the correct loot specialization selected so you get the heirloom you want.

Lesser Charms
You can take 50 Lesser Charm of Good Fortune to the upgrade vendor at the Mists of Pandaria shrines to upgrade your epic gear in 6.0.2, since Valor Points have now gone away. Farming frogs on Timeless Isle seems to be one of the quickest ways of gathering Lesser Charm of Good Fortune.

You can use the new Dungeon Finder in-game to find a Garrosh kill but I highly recommend using openraid.us instead. Openraid is a crossrealm FREE members website that allows raid leaders to schedule events. You will find Openraid has a lot to offer; farming runs, random achievement runs, pvp events, current/old raids, and Garrosh kills.

Sometimes people find it a little hard to get started with Openraid. My advice would be to signup for random events – be on time with a positive attitude. Leave people positive feedback and high ratings. The better your ratings the more often you will get approved for raids. Find a group or two and sign up weekly for their events. I’ve found raid leaders tend to re-invite people from previous weeks, so finding a group and sticking with them is the way-to-go.

I’d also add that with Hallow’s End currently active you might want to get those Alts into Headless Horsemen and get these ring upgrades while you can! This event runs October 18 – November 1, 2014.

Guide To Gearing lv90 Alts FAST in Patch 6.0.2 (WoD Pre-Patch)

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