World of Warcraft Guide & Trade Tips

Warcraft Trading Post was started a few years ago with the Warcraft Trading Card game in mind. I wanted to offer cards for sale/trade but as time went by I found there are many websites out there already offering the service and better than I could have so instead I’ve used this website to post guides I find useful and hope others do as well.

On some level, I guess this would be my alter ego and in various incarnations my favorite World of Warcraft character. Yes, I’m a WoW ADDICT! I said it, I admit it, I always use wow power leveling to get the best content of the game as fast as possible, it was especially useful when wow classic arrive and in shadowlands update. I’m perfectly fine with it, thank you. Through blogging, I enjoy sharing my adventures in Azeroth. I hope you enjoy following my progress and even more I hope in some small way my adventures and/or post help you along with yours.

I enjoy meeting people who read my blog so feel free to leave a comment – leave a link and I’ll return the visit. If you should find I’ve much too quiet on the blogging-front, please don’t think bad, sometimes I tend to just phase the world out. Not on purpose mind you, RL tends to keep me busy. However I would very much enjoy chatting or maybe even joining in some adventures so if you spot the Darkmoon Rabbit I hope you think about sending me a tell… hint hint.