Pandaren Spirit Tamers – Three Pet Strategy Guide

Sludgy (Critter) Ooze Touch, Creeping Ooze, Expunge
Pandaren Earth Spirit (Elemental) Rupture, Crystal Prison, Stone Shot
Darnak the Tunneler (Beast) Burrow, Stone Sking, Stone Rush

Thundering Pandaren Spirit can be found in Kun-Lai Summit (67.46-14.46). This one is by far the hardest spirit tamer to beat so be prepared for a challenge. I start with my Fluxfire Feline and restart the match until Sludgy is the first competitor. I’m able to dispatch Sludgy and get one or two hits on the Earth Spirit who always seems to come out next. When my feline expires I pull out my Rapana Whelk and Dive, Acid Goo, and Ooze Touch till the Spirit is dead. If timing is right you can kill off the spirit and get a Dive in before Darnak Burrows there-by missing his first attack. I continue fighting till death then using Magical Crawdad I Shield Shell, Whirlpool, then Snap. Most of the time I only get maybe one hit off because Darnak is already almost dead.

Crimson (Dragonkin) Breath – Cyclone – Lift-off
Pandaren Fire Spirit (Elemental) Conflagrate – Immolate – Cauterize
Glowy (Flying) Swarm – Confusing Sting – Glowing Toxin.

Burning Pandaren Spirit can be found in Townlong Steppes (57.13-47.2). These may not work for everyone but I used my Scourged Whelpling against Crimson and the Spirit and defeated them both. Then I switched to my Celestial Dragon who took the round against Glowy quite easily.

Marley (Aquatic) Pump – Dive – Whirlpool
Tiptoe (Critter) Water Jet – Healing Wave – Tidal Wave
Pandaren Water Spirit Whirlpool – Geyser – Tidal Wave

Flowing Pandaren Spirit can be found in the Dread Waste (61.39-87.58). Quite probably the easiest of all four tamers, again maybe not best for everyone but I started with my Nether Faerie Dragon against Marley and lasted half-way thru the fight with the spirit and then jumping in with the Crunchy Scorpion – easy win. I switched to my Dancing Water Skimmer and made quick work of finishing off Tiptoe.

Dusty (Critter) Moth Balls – Moth Dust – Cocoon Strike
Whispertail (Dragonkin) Flyby – Slicing Wind – Wild Winds
Pandaren Air Spirit (Elemental) Slicing Winds – Wild Winds – Soothing Mist

Whispering Pandaren Spirit can be found in Jade Forest at (28.8-36). Be warned this may look like an easy win but this spirit pet isn’t a push-over. I failed several times trying to use an aquatic but not once did I get him below 300 I eventually switched to my Celestial Dragon and won. My Crunchy Scorpion made quick work of Dusty and my Pandaren Monk knocked out Whispertail with a single Focus Chi followed by Fury of 1000 Fist and Jab.