Power Level Battle Pets

I was reading over at The Daily Frostwolf this morning, the post “Power level your pet in 8 battles!” and thought now that looks interesting let’s give it a try.

Wearing my Safari Hat already, I took my Mage and ported to Darnassus then flew to Winterspring and headed straight over to Grand Master Pet Tamer, Trixxy. I looked through my pet book and sure enough I have a level 25 Eternal Strider and the Clockwork Gnome so I paired them up with my new level 1 Viscudis Globule. If you don’t have these pets don’t fret I’m sure any similar pets will do. PS. I would suggest resetting until she starts off with Tinygos.

Trixi may have elite pet’s but she’s really not hard to beat. I started with the level 1 who took one swing and quickly switched it to the Clockwork Gnome who made quick work of all three of Trixxy’s pets — my Eternal Strider never even got in the match. The results:

A quick port to Stormwind and a short flight to Karazhan I continued with Grand Master Pet Tamer, Lydia Accoste. I didn’t bother with first-aid I just jumped in with Viscudis Globule first and quickly switched to the Eternal Strider who took out all of Lydia’s team. The results:

A port to Shattrath and a flight to Shadowmoon Valley put me on my way to battling Grand Master Pet Tamer, Bloodknight Antari. This was a the first but slight challenge. I started with Viscidus then switched to the Clockwork who took out Arcanus. My Strider took out Jadefire (I love that name, so perfect!) and remember these pets can heal themselves if necessary. I dbl teamed Netherbite for the win. The results:

WooOOooT, Flawless Humanoid Battle Stone Yah!!

Mages ROCK! A port to Vale of Eternal Blossoms and a quick jaunt over the mountain to Grand Master Pet Tamer, Farmer Nishi. Using the same team I started with Viscudus followed quickly by the Strider who quickly took out both Siren and Toothbreaker. I continued fighting Brood of Mothran till death then switched to Clockwork for the win. The Results:

5K experience, WOW!!

I’m on step #7 of Navimie’s post and level 18 already, awesome! I started with first-aid then swapped my team out. I switched my Strider with a level 25 Amber Moth and headed out to fight Grand Master Pet Tamer, Mo’ruk in Karasarang Wilds. Now this fight wasn’t easy, I had to start over a couple times and finally I won on my third try. The problem is Mo’ruk tends to start with Lightstalker who is able to stun you into losing turns so Viscidus takes a lot of damage right off but Viscidus is also your best chance for killing Lightstalker — go figure. The results:

My hearth is set to “The Drunken Hozen” an Inn in The Jade Forest so a click get’s me quite close to Grand Master Pet Tamer, Hyuna for the next battle. Don’t forget your first-aid then using the same team as last time let’s do this. This was a really tough fight! I started by swapping Viscidus and my Clockwork’s positions. I want the Clockwork to start. The plan is to kill Fangor quick, repair, and get as many hits onto Skyshaper as possible before switching to Viscidus to finish him off. Follow up by using the Amber Moth against Dor the Wall for the win. The Results:

I’m really pleased with my results so far although I have used more than a handful of pet bandages but that’s OK! Next I switch out to my level 25 Kun-Lai Runt and Eternal Strider (again) and head off to Townlong Steppes to battle Grand Master Pet Tamer, Seeker Zusshi. Now Is it just me or is this Osul Farstalker super annoying! I restarted this one until I could use my Strider in place to kill off Diamond followed by a couple rounds against Mollus who I finished off using my Kun-Lai Runt. Viscidus made quick work of Skimmer for the win. The Results:

And as instructed for the last battle I’m heading over to Dreaste Waste to battle Grand Master Pet Tamer, Wastewalker Shu. Now I don’t have a level 25 Darkmoon Zeppelin (yet) so I’m swapping my Runt out with my level 25 Darkmoon Tonk. I started this battle using my Strider against Pounder whose quite deadly so you want to hit him hard and fast and hopefully get 1 or 2 hit’s onto Crusher before Viscidus takes over for the kill. My Tonk has no problems dispatching Mutilator. And ..

Ding! Now how awesome is that, 1-25 just doing eight daily pet tamer quest which if your looking for flawless battle stones your doing anyway. Thanks goes to Navemie & Souglyy for sharing this power leveling battle pet tip!!