Weekly Review; New Pets, Mounts, And Achievements

So I decided to format my computer after all the issues these past couple months. This time around I installed Windows 7 (upgrade from Vista). I re-downloaded and re-installed the WoW client (SC2 & D3 as well) and well so far it’s been good. In the process though I realized some how I’ve lost my whole Music folder! I think I must’ve deleted it accidently somewhere along the way, maybe back when I was having the blue screen of death issues. I really don’t know but OMG all my music!! UGH!!

New Pets & Mounts

I got another egg, yah! The first one hatched a Red Raptor and luckily this second egg hatched a Green Raptor. Two down and one more to go. We’re still making rounds for Warbringers but I haven’t seen a mount drop in quite awhile; I still need two of those myself. My mount collecting maybe super slow but it is climbing, currently I’m at 177.

Timeless Isle has not been nice to me as of right now the only pet I’ve managed to find there myself is Bonkers. I have not found a single Burden of Eternity either. I did find a few TI pets via the AH that I could afford; Death Adder Hatchling and Skunky Alemental. I also picked up Lil BlingSon of Animus, and The Blue Carp.

I’m way behind on the Celestial Tournament. I did week one and haven’t completed it since. I know when others are showing off there second celestial pet this week I’ll be sitting back whining” why o’why” I didn’t get things done early in the week so the last minute blues couldn’t get me down!

I also decided Vashj was not getting away with being stingy this week so Barla and I we’re prepared to send our armies into SSC if needed. Sure enough, on the 4th time thru today the Coilfang Stalker finally dropped completing both our achievements Raiding with Leashes II: Attunement Edition and netting the adorable Tito – yippee!! This puts my companion pet collection total at 534 unique pets. AND I’m up to ninety-one level twenty-five battle pets, yah!


Having been down with a nasty head cold this week and continued computer issues the last two weeks it should be understandable as to why I have been putting off raiding the newest content. The first open flex week I joined an openraid and we downed 2/4 bosses fairly quickly. Then I ran one LFR the first week it opened but wasn’t able to stay for the whole run. Finally this evening I finished wing one of SoO in LFR mode along with several guild mates. I enjoy running LFR with guild mates but I’m really looking forward to the FLEX modes. This makes raiding so much easier on guilds who find themselves short on the numbers  not to mention non-raiding guilds who just want a chance at better raid drops.

One more week and my mage will have completed the final steps of the quest chain for the epic staff Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa’s Rest. I’m running  OpenRaid Firelands weekly on my druid so the plan is to get the staff for her too as well as Val’anyr, Hammer of Ancient Kings the epic mace from Ulduar. My mage is up to five rune stones for the Legendary Cape quest line. My druid who is on this quest line as well is still stuck on the 2nd required battleground. Yaa I know, I’m a slacker!


I really have not been doing do diligence and reading/commenting others blogs like I normally do. I apologize to you great bloggers out there and believe me when I say there’s a few of you I’ve really missed visiting with! Hopefully I can kick this head cold and get back to my normal routine fairly quickly.

Speaking of bloggers, a few weeks ago I got a surprise knock-knock from Navimie. We didn’t really get to visit because I was in LFR and she only had a few spare minutes but I’m looking forward to a longer visit sooner or later. Heck I may just go surprise her with a visit haha!