Breakfast Topic: When was the last time …

Breakfast Topic: When was the last time WoW made you laugh out loud?

When doesn’t WoW make me laugh? Oh I find myself giggling about this or that quite ofen actually. Like with my Rogue who I had race changed to a panda just to change things up hopefully motivating me to finish leveling, which it did. Anyway the panda, just how cute are the shapely females; well have you heard them LOL? It’s so cute I think everytime I hear one I giggle myself! How about there death play, they just kinda sigh and fall forward or flat of there face almost – cartoonish and sadly funny.

OMG I have to add after playing on my goblin priest today, I say scratch the panda death play and have a watch at a goblin! LMAO!


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  1. Laughing out loud – I was leveling a character around Northrend, near Wintergarde keep where you’re rescuing villagers, and my character says (with a speech bubble) without any input from me, to a Wintergarde villager that we’d just rescued from the scourge by way of vehicle-gryphon…”Come with me, if you want to live”

    Love it! I even ‘heard’ it in my mind with Arnie’s cute Austrian accent. Burst out laughing. I *do* love this game.

    p.s. I also love how my mouse has turned into the gold gears cursor on your site. Is that a plugin? Please tell me how you did it?
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