I absolutely love the new world boss found only on the Darkmoon Faire Island, Moonfang. I personally find wolves to be beautiful and this white version with glowing moon light does not disappoint. Currently Moonfang seems to be spawning about once an hour not like the DMF rabbit which seems to only spawn two or maybe three times through out the week.

There is a matching mount [Shimmering Moonstone] which is quite lovely but sadly it only works while the Darkmoon Faire is open. I haven’t got mine yet but Moonfang also drops a pet companion (battle pet) Moon Moon.

I tried to get this little guy for myself right up until bed time but had no luck. And at the last minute …. Barla gifted me with MoonMoon. Yah! Thank you Barla!!

Oh and meet my newest level 90 toon, Gilibean my shadow priest making seven toons at full level.