Weekly Review; Rank 2, Faction Change, & New Pets

I really like the new battle quest in the Barrens. I really do but goodness it can be a such a long grind unless you get lucky enough to fall in with a group of other toons hopping on Commanders. Barla, Lindrine, and I headed out and got lucky with four Commander kills before grinding out the last half of the required quest items. Of course if my rogue hadn’t been goofing off we might’ve gotten done faster haha.

New Pets

Another week come and gone in a flash and not nearly enough checked off my to do list!! Only one pet [Tainted Core] ticked off my 5.3 raid pets list this week. I only ended up running the raids one time this week and had no luck – ZERO, zilch, nadda – so I got him off the AH. I did have a reader tell me they got the tainted waveling and the coilfang stalker in a single run of SSC, so those rumors that only one per raid drops are not true.

I needed an infusion of “newness” so with this weeks Blizzard special being 50% off services I took em up on it and faction changed one of my druids — a worgen to a tauren. I spent quite a bit of time trying to find her a new name. Everything I tried was taken; bittersweet, semisweet, twix, butterfinger, milkyway, mooch, chocolat, well you get the idea. I settled for .. drum roll .. Moousse.

Firstly I had to make a quick trip out to the Darkmoon Faire. A good call since I knocked my professions up by 5 points each and hit level 86 too boot! Still NO Darkmoon Faire Eye or Rabbit yet!! Then over to Orgrimmar where Garrosh Hellscream was having a tantrum about the alliance reaching this newly discovered island first – go figure haha. Below is a screenshot of the horde war board – sorta vibes of ‘Game of Thrones’ don’t ya think?

Spectacular Death – Guild Events

Saturday night (SD) headed over to see what the Brawler Guild was all about and maybe pick-up a few easy achievements. Actually I have already been here a couple times but never with any success. I took my best geared toon, my Mage, and got a shock when she one-shotted the first, second, and fourth bosses!! Yaa that third one gave me some issues ugh — but hey who says the third time isn’t charmed! So I finished the evening up with Rank 2 .. WooOOooT I’ll take it!!

Talk about The Walking Dead, Sunday night a group of us got together over on the server Earthen Ring and made new undead toons to storm Ironforge. Boy did we get some looks running through zones with about 20 peeps level 1-3 haha. The goal was to run from the undead starter zone all the way to Ironforge and make it into the throne room. We did it!

Well though some how we unexpectedly started having to rez at the lumber mill in Elwynn Forest so we decided to visit HOGGER. Everyone’s always joking about having an all level 1 raid on Hogger, hey why not!