How to Guide: Voidtalon of the Dark Star

The new mount Voidtalon of the Dark Star is found by clicking on Edge of Reality Portals which spawn in Draenor. The Edge of Reality portals are up for a short amount of time and only one person can use it. If you already have the mount, you cannot click the portal again. Once you click on the portal, you are taken to the Edge of Reality scenario. This contains a dead The Last Voidtalon and an egg you click on /inspect to loot the Voidtalon of the Dark Star. No combat is needed. If you are in a group, you cannot join the Edge of Reality scenario. However, you will get mailed the mount if you cannot enter the scenario.

As far as strategy, if you already have a Mage Tower in your garrison then you may be a step ahead by already having portals available to each of the zone. Otherwise I really do hope you have a harem of alts to stake out spawn areas because otherwise, you will need to do a lot of traveling in order to check all the possible spawn points (called Edge of Reality Portals).

TomTom waypoints, this isn’t a complete list but it is all the coordinates that have been shared at the time of this post.

/way 50.9 72.4
/way 49.6 71.6
/way 41.9 75.7
/way 48.7 69.9
/way 43.2 71.0
/way 51.8 74.7

/way 56 40
/way 51.6 38.8
/way 54 45

/way 47 48
/way 39.7 55.4
/way 51.9 41.2
/way 35.2 17.4

/way 47 20
/way 50.4 6.1
/way 36.3 17.6
/way 35.2 17.4

/way 57.3 26.7
/way 40.5 47.6
/way 45.9 31.4

/way 51.0 19.9
/way 52.3 18.3
/way 53.0 17.0

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