My Week in World of Warcraft

Another week in WoW.


I still really have no interest in progression but I made a last minute decision to join Neall for normal TOMB this week. Truthfully I’ve been signed up to go all month and each Sunday I just end up canceling.

I watched this week as his group successfully completed TOMB achieves, and the man I really wanted to go especially after seeing someone play with the [Micronax] pet! I’m assuming of course it’s part of the reward but IDK for sure because I couldn’t find the source for picking up this pet.

But I’m well aware that I’m short just a few more iLevel points in order to join the TOMB achieve group. So since my understanding is his group normally clears through Fallen Avatar I figured why not, maybe I’ll get lucky and get some much needed upgrades!

So everything started off well with boss after boss going down swiftly. An hour and a half in and we’re five bosses down. Many, no all, of these fights I personally hadn’t done on normal before so it was actually about time that I learned them… at least that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

Everything continued smoothly until we got to Maiden. Wow, what a annoying fight!! Bombs! Fel! Light! Orbs! Yaa it’s all there!! It must’ve taken at least two tries before everyone got it straight that they had to change sides depending on whether they we’re effected with fel or light.

OK but then people kept blowing us up because they either we’re hitting orbs accidentally or on purpose. Needless to say she went down but only after at least a handful of wipes. About that time the mood got a little grumpy to the point Neall had to remind everyone to “calm down it’s just a video game”.

In the end we only got 7/9 bosses down but I got the tier gloves and legs thanks to others sharing there lootz!! It’s still not enough iLevel for his next Tomb achieve run on openraid but it’s closer than I was. Thank You!!


Another slow week for xmog I’m afraid. I finished the Druid Nighthold LFR set [Garb of the Astral Warden] but only because either my Rogue or Monk picked up the appearance!!

Trial of Style

The new micro holiday Trial of Style started Thursday. Like many others my hopes have been high that participation would be good enough for Blizz to want to schedule this one a few times a year instead of on the regular micro holiday rotation. However now that I’ve competed in the event on all four armor classes and won I just don’t know if I would continue participating. Unless of course Blizz adds more xmog rewards!!

Druid won with “Epic Purple”.

My Druid went first, round one was “Champions of the Light”. When choosing what to xmog into for this theme I thought about holy priest or paladins. I did take 3rd place, but ya know what, being a druid it’s not super easy to come up with a set for Champions of the Light.

Round two was “Epic Purple” and already having a favorite mix of leather from Firelands it was a quick decision what to xmog into. Bam baby 1st place!!

I competed on one of all four armor classes collecting the reward sets and the winners shirt for each.

Mage won with “Champions of the Light”.

Hunter won with “Everyday Heroes”.

Warrior won with “Winter Wear”.

Since I knew ahead of time that you would only get two minutes to dressing before the round starts I spent about an hour putting together the themed sets before I jumped into the competition.

On PTR the themes were Summer Styles, Winter Wear, Ready for Battle, Fun and Flirty, Mismatched Mayhem, Fire and Ice, Dark and Deadly, Faction Pride, Primal Style, Heroes of Azeroth, Make Me Laugh, Tabard Time, Everyday Heroes, Epic Purple, Champions of the Light, and Freestyle.

I’m currently showing 47/48 on the appearance tab but if you count them all (and I do) it’s really 54 PVE set’s and so far I have completed 39 of them.


I finished my Demon Hunters classhall campaign earning not only [Champions of Legionfall] but also [A Legendary Campaign] which means I finished all 12 of my alliance toon classhalls, yaaa!!

I ended the week with 23,725 achievements points and the guild roster says 19,710 for Starrefyre.

Balance of Power

I was a big baby this week about being so far behind on mythics for Balance of Power. I felt like I hadn’t picked up any NH shards in at least 3 weeks because I still needed mythics. Both my Warlock and Shaman have both been needing mythics for at least two weeks now.

I feel bad because maybe I had a small meltdown over the weekend which led to Barla to leading the charge and making sure both of those characters for ready for the Sunday NH raid. Thank you GUILDIES who lent a hand and help me get caught up!!

Currently my Druid, Mage, Hunter, and Priest have completed the Balance of Power questline for the weapon appearance.

  • Monk: Needs to quest in Azuna.
  • DK & DH: Needs to do EoA & DHT mythics.
  • Pally: Needs EN.
  • Rogue & Warrior: Needs to quest in Suramar.
  • Warlock & Sham: Needs NH

Truth be told I’m a little worried that I might run out of time to complete my goal of getting this done on all 12 of my alliance toons. So guys please forgive me if I’m a little off while trying to get all these mythics/raids completed.

Brawlers Guild

We (Tony, Larissa, James, and myself) spent some time in Brawlers Guild Friday and after nearly two hours of wiping on Burnstachio I logged off tired and disappointed!

So I went back Monday evening and managed to finish all of the Rank 4 bosses and all but one boss in Rank 5. Yaa!!


I picked up only one new toy this week, the [Magical Saucer]. I also picked up one new pet, the [Pocket Cannon] using the Deadmines pet battle currency. You can check out my pet collection here, my current status is 838/906 and #18 on the realm.


As a GM it’s a fine line we have to walk in order to keep everyone happy. Just like our beloved Azeroth every few months it seems we might be teetering on destruction for one reason or another. Our guild is small but for a few of us it’s our virtual home so we strive to keep it strong and active. Sometimes that’s not easy because we are made up of several types of WoW players.

  • Casual: Those just want to play WoW just doing there own thing in peace no matter what that might be. But still they prefer a friendly social environment rather than playing solo. These might be newbies, collectors, altoholics, or those special types who like to continually kill off toons and level anew (haha).
  • Raiders:  Those who want a casual guild environment but want to raid at the same time. They want to progress through current content successfully but without the hardcore raid attitudes and ensuing drama.

Now I’m not a pro at this thing we call managing a guild but I do my best to juggle my GM duties and my personal game time. But let’s talk honestly here for a minute (and there’s really no way to put this delicately) I may not always want to do everything we have scheduled for the guild. Nor should I or anyone for that matter have to do anything they are not interested in doing.

If we required every member to participate in everything we would be dropping members like swatting flies on the wall. And honestly, if my being the GM doesn’t afford me that same courtesy then maybe I shouldn’t be GM.

I simply can’t say it any plainer, if a member doesn’t want to raid that’s their choice, and that includes our officers. Our guild is simply not a raiding a guild, we are a casual guild who enjoys dabbling in all the awesomeness we call World of Warcraft.

I do not want our members being guilt tripped or annoyed because they do not go to the guild raids. The answer is simply recruit more casual raiders. There are tons of older people who play this game and prefer a casual family friendly environment such as our guild offers. Let’s grow our ranks until we have a successful team of raiders able to accomplish the goals being set out.


  • Complete the class hall quest line for my Monk, Pally, DK, and DH.
  • Complete the class mount quest for my PriestWarlock, Shaman, Monk, DH, Warrior, Pally, and DK.
  • Go through all my profession characters and complete the Legion profession quest.
  • Farm Underbelly Rares for the Rogue and Shaman hidden appearances. Go for my last hidden appearance for my Hunter from Ursoc. Do TOV on my Warrior for the hidden appearance.
  • Get back in there and finish those last four TWO Brawlers Guild ranks.
  • I still need concordance on my Hunter(x2), Rogue(x2), Paladin(x3), Death Knight(x3), Warlock, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Mage.
  • I still need to start working on the Chromie Scenario.