Isle of Thunder Silver Dragon Rares

This is a list of the new rares so far, as we continue opening new areas on the Isle there will be more to add. For the most part Isle of Thunder rares share a loot table with only a few exceptions:

  • Tome of Valor
  • Shan’ze Ritual Stone
  • Key to the Palace of Lei Shen
  • Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion
  • Incantation of Deng
  • Incantation of Haqin
  • Incantation of Vu

Haywire Sunreaver Construct – He can be found running up and down the beach in the Saurak area (49.8 90.4) usually at the southern end. This is the one exception as far loot — if your super lucky you may get a pet, Sunreaver Micro-Sentry.

Al’tabim the All-Seeing – Can be found on the Northern shore (44.6 30.0) by the Beast Pens past the horde encampment.

Ra’sha – He is located in a cave (39.6 89.2) which you can enter in Ighaluk Crag near where the skeletal raptors are. There are two guards outside the entrance. Another exception as far loot, Ra’sha’s Sacrificial Dagger. Note; I noticed this one didn’t loot on tag it went grey on the first hit =(

Progenitus – Can be at the very top of the highest peak (51.3 71.2)  in Ihgaluk Crag. To reach this peak, you will have to make a fairly long jump either requiring a speed boost or Skin of the Saurok. Note; His worst ability by far is Unleash Blood, which attempts to knock you off the cliff, which will most likely result in death. To avoid being knocked off, either stun him during the cast, or position yourself so your back is to one of the dinosaur bones shown in my screenshot above.

Mumta – Can be found on the top floor of the Hall of the Grand Imperion (35,2 62,4) in the south western part of the Court of Bones.

Ku’lai the Skyclaw –  He patrols the beach (36.0 81.8) at the southern part of the Isle of Thunder by Za’Tual.

Goda – Can be found inside the tree (53.6 53.5) in Diremoor. Probably the easiest of the rare elites found on the island. Run away when he flops down on the ground to do the shell spin, wait it out (he doesn’t move much), and then resume.

If you have 3  Shan’ze Ritual Stone either from killing rares or looting Trove of the Thunder King, you can summon one of the nine elites on the Isle of Thunder for  It Was Worth Every Ritual Stone. Depending on your class, these require several people to take down and can be pretty tough. To learn more check out Guide to New rare Spawns and Elites.

If your a TomTom fan here are the macro’s for the way points. You will need to be on the Isle when you use them.

/way 50.5 74.7 Progenitus path
/way 44.6 29.6 Al’tabim the All-Seeing
/way 53.6 53.6 Goda
/way 48 25 Backbreaker Uru
/way 54.4 35.8 Lu-Ban
/way 58.1 35.6 Molthor
/way 50 90 Haywire Sunreaver Construct

/way 36 82 Ku’lai the Skyclaw
/way 35.2 62.4 Mumta
/way 61.6 49.8 God-Hulk Ramuk
/way 39.6 81.2 Ra’sha

For those of you with NPC scan this should help:

/npcscan add 50358 Haywire Sunreaver Construct
/npcscan add 69664 Mumta
/npcscan add 69996 Ku’lai Skyclaw
/npcscan add 69998 Goda
/npcscan add 70002 Lu-Ban
/npcscan add 69997 Progenitus
/npcscan add 70000 Al’tabim the All-Seeing
/npcscan add 69999 God-Hulk Ramuk
/npcscan add 70001 Backbreaker Uru
/npcscan add 70003 Molthor