World of Warcraft 8.0 | What’s New


6 zones on 2 NEW continents:
Kul Tiras: Home of the most powerful Navy on Azeroth. By nature monster hunters Kul Tiras is ruled by 4 houses who have issues of their own including invading pirates. Made of up 3 zones Stormsong Valley, Tiragarde Sound, and Drustvar.

Zandalar: An old civilization of trolls who were forced to adapt to island life and have since mastered the sea. They now have a Navy that rivals if not surpasses the human Navy. It’s ruled by King Rastakhan and is also made up of 3 new zones, Nazmir, Vol’dun, and Zuldazar. Note: Nazmir has a quest line with Loa, AND a frog mount!

We’ll be leveling to level 120 where an epic “War Campaign” becomes available as well as a new world quest and emissaries.


We’ll be questing to bring new ally races into the faction(s) eventually opening that new race up “to play” starting at level 20.

Character Boost will be available however if you level these new 6 allied races yourself you will unlock a level 110 (universal) Heritage Armor for transmog.

Alliance: Void Elves, Lightforged Draenei, and Dark Iron Dwarves

Horde: Nightborne, Highmountain Tauren, and Zandalari Trolls


Scaling is coming to all of Azeroth with some exceptions. Some zones will have level ranges with caps. For example new characters shouldn’t venture out past their starter zones without danger. So starter zones which will be capped at a maximum level, but lower than the current 110. Examples: Westfall 10-60 and Tirisfal Glades 10-60.

Expansion zones will also be flexible allowing you to choose which expansion you want to level through. This applies to dungeons and rewards along the way. These changes will be BEGINNING in 7.3.5!

– Outland 60-80
– Northrend 60-80
– Cataclysm 80-90
– Mist of Pandaria 80-90


A gift from Azeroth herself, an artifact quality medallion replacing the current artifact weapons. The medallion will adsorb Azerite which in turns unlocks latent properties of the armor collected as we journey through this new expansion.


Exploring uncharted isles across the Great Sea will lead to Horde and Alliance skirmishing over resources. These will be 3 player cooperative game play (scenarios??) where you must complete varied and dynamic objectives against advanced AI opponents. However, a 3 vs 3 player PVP option will be available.


The battle for Azeroth is taking place in large scale battles on the home-front. This is the fight we need to win, the reason for the all the resources and new alliances. This is a PVE 20 player cooperative raid versus NPC armies reminiscent of Warcraft 2-3.

Lead an alliance expedition force into enemy lands securing an outpost, building your base, upgrading your building, training troops, building an army and then leading them further into enemy territory and crushing the enemy!


New Arenas: Tiragarde and Zuldazar these 2 new arenas can be found in the new zones.

New battleground: Seething Shore can be found off the coast of Silithus. Fighting over Azerite nodes popping up all around the map. PREVIEW coming in 7.3.5!

The old World PVP ruleset changes are being made to update to reflect today’s players. Removing the server lock for PVE or PVP, giving individuals the option to change to PVP. There will be bonuses for those who switch to PVP while questing and leveling.


10 New Dungeons coming with this expansion with four in Kul Tiras and four in Zandalari. All are available to both factions at level 120.

Freehold, located in Tiragarde Sound.
Atal’Dazar, located in Zuldazar.
Tol Dagor, located off the coast of Kul Tiras.
Waycrest Manor, located in Drustvar.
Shrine of the Storm, located in Stormsong Valley.
Siege of Boralus, located Tiragarde’s capital city, Boralus.
Temple of Sethraliss, located in Vol’dun.
The Underrot, located in Nazmir.
King’s Rest, located within Atal’Dazar.
Kezan, those greedy little goblins!

Mythic Keystones are here to stay. They will be making UI improvements for finding mythic groups a bit easier. However NO mention of making them queue-able, so don’t count on that.


Uldir, Halls of Control features 8 bosses inside this Titan quarantine facility which has been shut down for thousands of years.

AND yes, we will eventually be facing off against Queen Azshara.