Shared Topic: Which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing”?

Mataoka posted this weeks Shared Topic: A few weeks ago, I noticed logging onto some characters seemed to be more irksome than others, it dawned on me that there were a few who never, ever seemed to be a chore to play. My question is, (and yes, you need to have more than one character over level 1) which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing?” But the real question is why? Perhaps think of this from a role playing perspective, that this character has a personality, play style and demeanor that inevitably just works. I’d love to meet them!

I do love all my toons but I am guilty of having favorites. However I’ve never been much for RP so just from a play stand point here’s my answer:


My druid has always been my baby, my heart, my focus ect… Somewhere around May 2005 my daughter’s boyfriend who had enlisted after having just graduated gave me his WoW account (no, I didn’t know better!). My first character was a druid — everyone should play druids!! I spent the first few years just putting around Azeroth on low level toons questing and having fun as I met new people and eventually co-founded a guild on Steamwheedle Cartel. Sadly that account got hacked about three years in and I couldn’t recover it with it not being in my name (yes, lesson learned). That was a sad sad day for me, especially since it had my BC Collector’s Edition attached to it. Of course, I rushed out and bought a new copy of WoW and restarted my druid which I played day in and day out — daylight till dark — yah you get the idea. In 2009 the raiding guild I was in transferred to Turalyon and eventually died there so in 2011 I started playing on Llane to hang out with the kool people in Spectacular Death. Not wanting to rush into paying for transfers until I was sure I would enjoy this server I started another druid rather than pay to transfer characters. So all together I’ve leveled 3 no 4 druids at some point or another — yep I LOVE druids.


My hunter whom I love but I completely admit I’ve never been good at, is rarely played for anything besides farming unless it’s for even more fun things like hunting rare tamable pets. Since she’s on my second account I tend to go months without really playing on her. However I just had my Bnet accounts combined so since achievements are now combined I’ll probably play her much more often now.


Once I made the full transfer to Llane and joined Spectacular Death I wanted to do my part so I made a night elf mage and leveled her fairly quickly for the guild achievement [Classy Night Elves] in the process she became my favorite character and has really been my main focus ever since.