Whoa! I Think I Found It!

Another secret quest, after finishing making friends with all The Tillers a few weeks ago, today I decided to run down by Cattail Lake and investigate this rumor that the Enormous Cattail Grouper may be in possession of something quite valuable.

Sure enough after a quick kill I find myself with a treasure map in my bags!!

Quickly I pull myself to shore and carried my findings over to Fish Fellreed. Little did I know but there was a tale to be told about this Treasure Map …

Of course Fish totally had me at “treasure” but hey I listened to the whole story, twice actually not wanting to miss any clues. I was totally enthralled with Old Man Thistles tale .. so when Fish’s story came to an end and she followed up with the quest [Just a Folk Story] I couldn’t help but be a small bit disappointed thinking “Is that it?”. Being a long time treasure hunter I just couldn’t fathom that this hunt would end almost as quickly as it had begun. Little did I know Fish was sending me out on a fact finding mission:

What!?! This don’t make any sense! <Fish’s face falls.>
What’s this mumber jumber about a maiden and an ancestor and a buncha stairs?
I can’t make any reason outta this, can you?
Well, there are lotsa folks ’round here who’re much older than you and me, .
Can you go talk to the folks in Halfhill? I betcha they might know somethin’!

Mama Min says: The maiden, eh? Hmm, I remember that’s what my father used to call that river to the north. Other than that, I wouldn’t have the slightest clue.

Old Man Whitewhiskers says: What echoes and what’s dark? It’s simple! A cave!

Stonecarver Mac says: Oh, I HAVE heard of the ancestors’ stair. That’s what some folks call those mountains to the north.

Grainsortor Pei says: Hmmm, I reckon I don’t know, night elf. All I can understand is the part about the valley – that’s right here! The Valley of the Four Winds!

Taking the information I could gather and trying my best to keep my growing excitement in check,  I quickly flew back to report my findings to Fish.

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle (not really) but seriously how did no one notice this cave-in here before …

It took us a few minutes but we managed to slip through an opening.

Oh my, Old Man Thistle did not mention this … watch out!!

With quick thinking and deft maneuvers we’re able to subdue this monstrosity fairy easily, truth be told the path leading in was more treacherous to one’s health than our victory over this unnamed creature.

By this point we’re dusty, tired, and thirsty so with the hunt over and the treasure in hand it was time to celebrate [Plum Wine] only wait, what is this? A note …

The journey has been a long one taking us around to several points of The Valley of Four Winds. Having found the treasure Fish Fellreed takes her leave returning to her dock at Cattail Lake. Before calling it a night myself, I started wondering about note found in the bottom of the chest along with Old Man Thistle’s treasure [Old Man Thistles Almanac]. Was it just an ordinary farmer’s date book or is it possible I’m missing something important here? Not able to put the note out of my mind, I go one more time in search of someone who may have the answers.

Seedkeeper Shing Sing, found behind the house, in a cave at 54.47 kindly shares with me the real ending of Old Man Thistles life story. A bit saddened after learning the true end of this tale I was happily surprised with an unexpected achievement [Ain’t Lost No More]. I love unexpected and/or secret quest, if you know of any others please do share.