Race Change: Rogue

I have been stuck at level 87 on my rogue for a couple of months now. I never really enjoyed the class as much as others I know like my son-in-law who plays almost nothing but rogue. I’ve been thinking maybe I could race change for a little more excitement so I finally did it. I went from a gnome jabbit to a panda medirku (get it?) Of course only after spending almost an hour trying to find a name I could live with did I settle for Medirku. I had my heart set on Papercut but of course that was taken. I did some searching and tried to find something else — I thought Halitosis was funny but I’m not swinging towards an undead rogue haha.

I stopped 2-3 bubbles from 88 while questing in Kun-Lai Summit, if I can get this toon finished up quickly it’ll help the guild earn [Classy Pandaran] and be my 3rd level 90 netting the achievement [Terrific Trio].

cookie mc yaungol
I can tell you from experience Cookie Mc Yaungol knows how to swing a frying pan.

If your looking to transmog a cook or cooking costume these off-hands could be what looking for: Petrified Camel Haunch or Flesh and Bone. Mace users can do some double frying pan damage with Spider Splatter Mace & Unidentified Cooking Utensil. The frying pan, a quest reward for This Means WAR (Wild Arachnid Roundup) has two eggs in it and even looks a little burned! There is another frying pan it’s a quest reward for The Titans’ Terminal but it’s Alliance only. Cookie’s Tenderizer no longer looks like a rolling pin but you can get a Rolling Pin for 50 Ironpaws from Nam Ironpaw. The Pilgrim’s Dress, Dress Shoes are good choices for clothing. There’s also the Chef’s Hat and now the new Frying Pan and Apron. You can get the Apron as a reward from leveling reputation with Nomi, Cooking School Bell. The Chef’s Hat is purchased with 100 Dalaran Cooking Awards. You can purchase Waterlogged Recipes off the AH to help build up award tokens fast.

Blue Dwarf Needs Food Badly
Oi! We need ta’ get us some food, if we’re gonna survive here for long! Ye’ may not know it, but I’m somethin’ of a cook me’self. Why don’tcha go out there and fetch us some meaty bits. I can cook ’em up and feed us for weeks! Or, days, at least.

I have no idea what Sully plans to cook with that pile of meat but I suddenly don’t feel hungry anymore.

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